How to have an Aquarius eating out of your hands.

by kathy
(new York )

I have been dating a aquarius for six months, it was not smooth in the beginning being a scorpio, I made a decision to beat the aquarius at this game of love, and it was simple. Just ignore him. They can't stand to be ignored, but the key is you must know when to reel him in and when to let your phone ring off the hook. Now he's the one trying to bag a scorpio. What he doesn't know is he already did, that's my secret, keep him guessing.

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Aqurian are loyal too
by: Anonymous

I am also an aquarian and i am in love with a scorpio.

Scorpio's way of keep guessing is very awkward.

I cant take my eyes off from him and he just try to be rude .

Aqurian dont care abt anything once they are commited.

And for GOD sake dont try to cheat an aquarian , they cant forget in their life time.

holla back, scorpio girl!
by: scrambled by aquarius man

@ kathy -

thank you for sharing your tips for seducing aquarius man. I have been playing cat & mouse w/an aquarius man for months, i wish i could master him (in more ways than one haha)

his hot & cold games make me so frustrated... I'm just about ready to throw in the towel!

how do you know when is the moment to reel him in?

and when you say ignore him, do you mean be actually rude to him? like not even saying hello when he's in the room? or something more subtle (like pretending to miss his texts or voicemails)??

any advice would be much appreciated!

& happy holidays!!! :-))

by: ricky jordan

Your post is truly informative for me and i am so grateful to you for sharing this informative post here. really great job done by you.

Scor girls' crazy comments
by: Anonymous

Ignore him? That will only make him hate your guts, like I hated that scor*** (I don't even want to spell that name) girl. You know what you'll pay for your mean words, the aquarian will make you pay

by: Anonymous

As a Gemini female, I have ALOT of Aquarius men eating out of my hands bcuz I show them no interest. They will never ever know if I have feelings for them bcuz I show them np sorta emotions!

Talking from an 8yr relationship..
by: Keila

I'm a Scorpio female dating an Aquarius male.. It was a struggle dealing with an Aquarius.. And yes ignore him at times they can't control it for ex: don't text him unless he texts you first, don't say I love you, or give hime good compliments. And you will have him in you palms... But sometimes is not good to keep him too long their, they don't like feeling trap... And don't continue an argument with them,just let them talk their ass of..

Eating out of your hand?!!!
by: Val

And when we figure it out, that you comparing us to the animal you feeding out of your hands, we(well, I will) erase you from my life... Have some respect to the one you with, I would never in my life discribe or compare my girlfriend to an animal(doesn't mater if she would see this or not).

Aquarius man will come around
by: Anonymous

Yes I feel the same i been dating an aquarius man for a month now and let me tell you they are not emotional people and we scorpio women like to speak our minds and very opinonated and the aquarius man dont like that at all. So i start beating him at his game i just ignore him and wait for him to come around if i dont text back or answer my phone and then he start asking questions

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