How to keep a Libra man interested?

I have three relationship regrets in life that they did not go further. And they are ALL with libra men. What is it about Libra men that I, as a scorpio woman, find so intriguing and yet they are so flighty with me? All of them seemed interested in the beginning then bam! (IMO) gone. What can I do to keep a Libra man interested in me? Why is it only with Libra men I have this problem of them letting go so easily? HELP!

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by: Anonymous

mind games, mind games, light hearted mind games, disappear be available, then unavailable.

Keeping A Libra Man Interested
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend is Libra I'm Sagittarius, there are always fireworks between us. We're always laughing, respect, cherish and love each other. There is not one day that I don't tell him how much I love him, he is my heart, my life he knows it. Praise him, love him, tell him you can't live without him and laugh often. Life is sweet with a Libra....on our third date he proposed to me, we both know we can't be apart, we need each other too much.

how to keep your libra man interested?
by: jw

i'm a libra and yes we do flirt a lot but really us libra guys like fun,music,art we are social people feel like we gotta connect to the world sometime just prepare your self for events and change your style often try not to argue we don't handle that well but talking helps good luck in stay beautiful.

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