How to keep your Aries man keen?

by Buzz

Believe me, the best way to get an Aries man calling you, checking that you're ok, asking for another date, etc is to BACK OFF!! He will be confused and begging to meet up again as he's used to woman falling at his feet. He loves the chase and only wants to be with a woman who is a challenge. Yes, he's very horny all the time, but trust me, if you give it up easily, he will move on. He is looking for someone angelic, but who can also be wild in the bedroom. He wants to believe that only he can to light your fire. Yes, he knows that you are not a virgin- but he does not want this fact pushed on him. Don't believe all the advice about looking sexy and wearing slutty lingerie,. This man would much rather you wore sexy, but virginal lingerie. He doesn't want to think about you having worn that lacy corset for your ex. Resist as long as you can, then surprise him with how much he's turned you on. The fact that you are ripping off his shirt has got to be down to his charm and attractiveness, he must be believe that only he can get this reaction from you. He must never think that you are well experienced in the bedroom. Similarly with other areas of your life such as work, qualifications, DIY, etc, he must always believe that he is superior, he has taken the lead, and he has more expertise than you- a clever woman who wants to keep this man will learn how to control him, without him ever realising that it was all your idea in the first place. Good Luck! x

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