How to let go of a Sagittauris man?

by tbaby
(kansas city,mo)

He said he's done with our relationship. I just want to see how true that is.

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sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

ive been with a sagittarius man off and on for 3 yrs. ive learned alot about him and with his exes. it takes them a while to forgive a person. and u need to back off and let him be. and of course he will come around. the sagittarius men loves the attention from girls so i dont think he can ever let u go. unless something happened where he cant forgive u. my husband and i fight alot at times. and its been to the point where he says hes gona leave me. but he always comes back... they say alot of mean things to hurt u.

hate how they say mean things
by: Anonymous

my sag guys says mean things to me all the time when we have fights and breaks up with me all the time too, i find it unacceptable and hate him for it. its not a healthy and/or mature way to handle a relationship at all.

sagittaruris and Taurus
by: Anonymous

I have been with a sag for a long time and we had 1 son he left me while i was pregnant and he often cheats on me or leaves me for another woman and then he tells me im his forever i dont know what to do im starting to lose patients he says he moved on with his life and i should move on with mine but every body sys he will be back andwhen i got another man he flipped out and accuesed me of playing games he wont stop calling me at 12 am and i dont know what to do i love him and want to be a family for my son but he is getting on my nerves what should i do?

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