How to live with a Leo Man?

Hello, I am glad I found this website! I am a Libra woman and living with a Leo Man and we have been together this April 2010, will be our fifth (5th) year...I must say there is an age difference I am 42 and he is 32, but mostly mature (enough where I can put up with him) The thing is for all the time we've been together, I still have it hard "reading" him...

He and I argue a lot and I just can't grip where he is really coming from at times... He is very moody to the point that I feel he is depressed @ times. He shows his love in strange ways I feel. He tells me he loves me on a daily basis (if we haven't argued that day/recently) and he usually is always around me... I mean, he usually comes home after work, and even lately spends most of his weekends at home with me. We just argued today..and I told him I've just about had it with his MOOD SWINGS!!! and said I wanted to end it with him..His typical reponse, being that I have said this 100 times, is to say go ahead, and things like its your decision? He can be so damn COLD at times, a drifted, unconnected and dis concerned. He was previously divorced after a 3yrs of marriage (2kids)and his wife went on with another man. He has said to me that he was hurt by this, but was glad he has moved on and was blessed to find me. (He had relationships prior to us meeting none lasting as long as our current relationship) He is Bolivian and I am Afro-American and I am very well kept, not bragging, but very pretty and an professional(RN). Have the Benz and own my own home and all that stuff and I carry my own terms of being self dependent. Knowing that Leo men like independent women I wanted to make that point...When I did try braking up with him and being separated for 2months, I called him and we got back together. Then through the years there have been some "mini break ups lasting a week or so, these times I did not run up behind him and after a while he saw I was done with that game. I love him so much til when he came back..I gave in and some how over the years I just have found myself "making way" with him, putting up with his withdrawal periods, moodiness and arrogant ways...I guess deep down I know he loves me; as he can be soooo good when things are good..til when he on his trip...I just let things pass. I guess I am sounding just as confused as he is being pro-traded by my post? Anyway, I was hoping some of the Leo men (Leo Man if your still out there I read your replies to the other Leo man posts and found you to be well knowledgeable about your zodiac in a male perspective)please reply and help me with this.. I am about to give up! ONE THING I DO KNOW IS THAT LEO MEN ARE VERY ADDICTIVE; meaning that they can keep you on a guessing game and the ups and down of them loving the hell out of you one minute and stressing you out the next can and has for me become a repetitive cycle!

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by: Anonymous

Google getting set free from co-dependence. Once you are responsible for your own emotions, that crap he is pulling onn you to control them won't work anymore. I did it with my Leo and life is just much better. Let him be miserable by himself and he'll wonder why he don't move you like a puppet anymore.

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