How to make a Pisces man more assertive

My boyfriend is a Pisces man and I'm an Aries. I always feel like I'm bossing him around and feel guilty afterward. This happens on almost a daily basis. I don’t like doing this but I try to provoke him so that he becomes more assertive but he never does he is just so cool and calm I know exactly how to manipulate him. I am pregnant with his baby now and I’m very worried that we wont have the same parenting ideas. Help!!!

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The grass is always greener
by: David-admin

There are many qualities which a person brings to a relationship. While Pisces men are often less aggressive and more laid back than some others, there are many women who would argue that it's a very good thing. You have possibly the most emotionally intuitive and supportive partner of any of the signs.

Having a baby is always scary for both parents. Having a strong and confident partner to take charge is comforting. However, the reality is that once you're a mom, you'll find you become a much stronger person yourself. Being responsible for another life, you'll soon be making decisions and issuing orders twenty times an hour - it will start to feel natural, regardless of the situation with your boyfriend.

Similarly, your man will also undergo those changes, and he will very likely become more assertive. Pisces is (often, not always) a gentle sign. I suspect in time you'll come to appreciate the virtues of such a supportive and nurturing partner.

Compare him for example, to a more confrontational guy, who isn't sure he wants to commit to being a parent, and who you suspect is cheating on you. That's the reality for many women when having a child with more domineering guys... can you honestly say you'd prefer that?

Appreciate your Pisces man for what he is, rather than focusing on what he isn't :)

Pisces man look for more assertive partners
by: Libra'sAngel27

Pisces men look for more assertive signs to be with ( usually, not always ) because they don't like to take charge, they like to nurture and advise from there, the only time they will be more assertive is to help you when you don't realise you're doing something wrong, trust me, I know what I'm talking about, I've dated a Pisces man ( he's my ex and I still love the guy ) but don't try to force him into something he doesn't want, he'll just become distant from you.

I hope this helps,


Pisces man for Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

True. The ex of my Pisces man is a Libra. and now he's with me (a Scorpio woman who is more assertive).

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