How to make a Taurus realize that I love him

by M.

I'm a Cancer girl, and I love a Taurus boy, but he mostly sure doesn't know it. We live in distant cities, so we don't see each other very often. When we met, we act like friends, but I really want him to know how much I love him. I don't know what to do, since we live distant, he might think that I'm crazy for loving him (which is not really untrue), and so it would be weird if I simply declared my love. It's been a year since I'm in love with him. Has someone got any idea about what I should do?

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Advice to Cancer
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus...

Let me tell you about my experience with Cancers.

*Cancers are introverted thinkers...just like Tauruses.

*Cancers are very cautious and protective of their hearts....just like Tauruses.

The difference?
Cancers may wear their hearts on their sleeves, but a Taurus will 'mentally assess' to segregate the two. Mind and heart. Which simply means your Taurus will take his time. Although he may feel the same way.

Open communication is not a Cancer's best trait. But you will need to possess this trait when dealing with a Taurus. He can be just as stubborn as you are. He wants to know exactly where he stands with you. No riff-raff, no mind games. You will need to tell him this. If he doesn't hear it, he will not assume it.

Advice to Cancer II
by: Anonymous

When you declare your love for your Taurus.

Avoid emotional meltdowns. Be clear and concise. We're the least abstract of all the zodiac signs. Be direct, and very straightforward about where you want to take the relationship. If he doesn't hear those EXACT words. He will assume otherwise.
If he doesn't respond right away. Don't panic. Don't withdraw (as many tend to do). Give him time to think about it. He will need to assess all your personality traits to determine if you would make a suitable girlfriend. He may pop back in and out of your life sporatically. But this is just temporary. He's testing your loyalty. The key word here with a Taurus is 'patience.' He will be quite flattered that you expressed yourself. We love honesty and vulnerabilty. These traits rarely come across from the people who are pursuing us. You will be suprised. They key to a successful relationship with your Taurus is:
*Honesty (Don't lie to us. We can be just as intuitive as Cancers) If he senses any head games. He will call Game Over. And Cancer, you will indeed lose.
*Consistency (say what you mean and mean what you say)

Do this Cancer. And your Taurus will love you, flaws and all. He would also move mountains to ensure that you're financially secure and well taken care of. He would ensure that your emotional needs are taken care of as well. Be prepared for a lot of PDAs and all night sex romps. But this will be our secret. Tauruses rarely advertise this trait! Trust me.

-Good Luck!

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