How to proceed with a Taurus man?

by Lauren
(Va Beach, VA)

I am a Pisces woman, and have known Mr. Taurus since high school. After separating from my ex husband we reconnected & went on 1 date. The date was going very well, and then he took a phone call and it was over very fast (at his suggestion). He then started taking a very long time to respond to text messages. I got tired of this behavior & told him so.

I then started dating someone else (I'll call him Mr. Scorpio) who also went to high school with myself & Mr. Taurus. That ended after 3 months & then I started seeing Mr. Taurus. I made myself clear that I would date him but would not have sex unless he wanted to be in a relationship. He said was not ready for that, so we agreed to continue dating. A few weeks later he wanted to come over & spend the night. I said yes, and we had sex that night. I did not stop things in the middle to make sure that was ready for a relationship - I though I had made myself clear on that. We were talking/texting every day after that night. The next weekend we spent the entire Saturday together. He took me to his brother's art gallery & had planned to introduce me to his parents (without telling me first!). I felt so close to him. Then, it felt like things changed. We went back to not talking everyday. I asked him where we stood in a calm manner. He said he considers me "marriage material", but didn't know how he felt about me. I was really hurt & told him we should just be friends.

Since then I dated 1 other guy, and briefly got back together with Mr. Scorpio. I'm now single again & have started talking to Mr. Taurus again. I invited him over for dinner last weekend & we had a great time. We cuddled for quite awhile too, which I initiated. He still doesn't initiate much communication, and I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to bug him, but I want him to know I'm interested. I also don't want to waste more time if he will never feel "it" for me. Help!

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I understand how you feel!
by: Cancer Women

I know how you feel!! Taurus men are so crazy one min they are so in love with you making you feel like you have met the man of your dreams then the next min they don't call or text you for days! I am seeing a guy that is doing almost the same thing. I am starting to wonder if this if this is a guy thing or just a Taurus thing? Best of Luck i will be right along with you waiting for my Taurus man!

Taurus guy
by: Anonymous

This is a selfish guy thing. There is no way he is into you, are you blind? Forget about him and move on with your (love) life.

Good luck

Responding to comments
by: Lauren

Cancer Woman - This behavior is not just a guy thing. I've dated other (non Taurus) guys who don't act like this.

Anonymous - Thanks for the insight. I know you're probably right logically. It's hard when you have feelings for someone to walk away - even if you know it's for your own good.

Taurus man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus man(20) and I've dated a Pisces girl too. Personally I never toted her or called her because I didn't want to be clingy. I mean I did love her and we were having the best time in love wise I just didn't want to bug her. And I was kinda shy calling her because I have trust issues. I get really jealous and I don't want to hear her say anything about a guy. A word from her about a guy can make me spazz. Sadly I got too possessive for her and our relationship ended.

If you want to get back to him I suggest be dreamy and romantic and act like you need help and that you need to be protected. As a Taurus I can't turn my back on a innocent shy romantic girl who needs my help

aquarius gal
by: Anonymous

i am an aquarius girl (feb 13) and i am seein a taurus male and i totally agree with what everyone has to say about them the guy i am seein drives me crazy good and bad bc when im with him its like hes so interested in you makes you feel very comfortable like hes already your bf but once we are apart i hardly get a call or text from him... but hen he does he sends lil cute texts like (i miss you) or (hey baby) but i also noticed they are very stubborn but i can be quite stubborn myself so i give him a taste of his own medicine lol and i wont text him and then ill hear from him lol but i agree i soo think its just a taurus thing i never dated another taurus and by dating other signs it is very diferent. taureans dont let you know they like you unless you pop that ? but as for me being very straight forward i had to ask..but only time will tell where this leads with my taurus male i hope good bc now hooking up with another guy just doesnt do it for me its not the same i just hope he likes me as much as i like him..i told him straight up i hate games and lies so i hope its serious and hope it works out for u aswell..

good luck! :)

Responding to comments
by: Anonymous

I got tired of Mr. Taurus's games & I'm now dating a Scorpio. I'm so much happier! Pisces & Scorpio are very compatible.

Im Pisces dating a Taurus guy
by: Anonymous

I have been dating this Taurus guy for 14 month, but its more off than on, he wants me one minute then he dont, he says he needs space, i give him that then 2 days later he texts as if he as done nothing wrong. I was married to a leo guy before this relationship, so all this dating is strange to me. When I met the Taurus guy, we connected in more ways than one, we've talked about marriage children, we lost one, but he as 3 by previous relationships, I've met the eldest a 15yr lad who lives with him, but he wont let me meet the others, not sure why, all he says is he isnt ready, why are they confusing. I pamper him to bits, he gets massages, I do his housework, some cooking, and he still like he is, WHY? No, we dont live together, he says he isnt ready but he likes the pampering. he doesnt show any intimacy towards me, all my doing,he is a great guy most times. Am i wasting my time?

Responding to comments
by: Lauren

Now that Mr. Taurus knows I'm dating Mr. Scorpio he seems to want me more than ever. I'm really just tired of all the games & immaturity. Either you want to be with someone or you don't. It gets old & wears you down emotionally. My advice is to find someone who gives you back as much as you give him. You will be so much happier. And it might make your Mr. Taurus wake up!

I can totally relate!
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces & My Mr Taurus & I go back to gradeschool! After reading your post I felt like this was my story... minus a few side notes... What are you going to do... My Mr. Taurus & I have known/ liked each other for 16yrs & he says he's never stopped liking me... We've slept together 3 different times, I got hurt & vowed to never talk to him again, a few years go by & I'm drawn back to him. I'M SO CONFUSED! I told him this last time that i'm not sleeping with him unless we're in a relationship. He agreed, I told him there was no pressure & that we'll just take this one step at a time... he thought that idea was perfect. He's currently busy & I have yet to hear from him. But we did get into an argument at first & he told me He'll never be able to not think about me... what does that mean? HELP!

OMG ? - Do u like to gamble
by: Lou

Hey guys and gals, I'm a picsean chic amd I just met my second (extremely) sexy Taurion - wow! I'm in the process of my second divorce to two separate Scorpions. I passed up on an extremely sensual Taurian about 16 yrs ago. I married - hence divorced - his best friend (Mr Scorpio)... Hey-he was great sex (the S man), as was my current divorce case - but the truth is that you NEVER know who you date or marry! Both my "S" men beat me up - but I look 4ward 2 my future - maybe the difficult Taurion Man is actually a great man? Maybe the Capricorn or Aquarious or Aries is the man for you??? Who knows? All I know is that I'm a "hard arse, ex-cop lady (commonly known as the "whale type" piscian...) And would REALLY appreciate a reliable man at some stage of my life... But also, like U need to be really loved... God Bless u all - and greatest luck xxx

to "I'm Pisces dating a Taurus guy "
by: Somebody with a brain

What is wrong with you, girls/women? I'm sure you all are great people, but why can't you have any self-respect and brain power? Now, why would you be asking silly questions? Citing :" I pamper him to bits, he gets massages, I do his housework, some cooking, and he still like he is, WHY?" Let me answer you why...Because is convenient to have A MAID, who cleans, has sex with you, cooks, etc. All you need do do is to say "I love you", "I really like you" and etc. And is also much much cheaper...WOW!!!! I am very angry with you, but even more sorry for you...

To: Somebody with a brain
by: Lauren

Let me make this clear: I was never Mr. Taurus's "maid" & I have plenty of self respect and brain power. You are quite egotistical to assume myself and/or any other woman who commented on my post does not. In my view, it is all the self centered guys out there who don't have the brain power to realize & appreciate a good thing when they have it.

Update on my personal situation: I saw Mr. Taurus out this past weekend & told him he's a complete jerk. It's sad that we can't even be friends anymore since I've known him so long, but I won't be kept on a string anymore! Hopefully that is the end to the story with him. I've got my Mr. Scorpio & he treats me like a queen. That's what we all deserve - a man who appreciates us!

to Lauren
by: Somebody with a brain

Never meant to offend anyone, but, sorry to say this, you can not call yourself clever when you find yourself a jerk and want him to behave like Prince charming. If you want to be with Prince charming, don't surround yourself with jerks!!!! Is it a rocket science or what? Hmmm...And if a guy doesn't appreciate what you do for him, and doesn't give you back what he takes, then he should be dumped as a hot brick!!And what you, Lauren, mean by "egotistical"? Do you actually understand the meaning of this word? Thought not.However, proud of you for dumping that jerk of yours...

taurus men
by: Anonymous

taurus men are very sensual,love and sex go hand in hand for him,he will not wait forver and it will confuse him,if u allow it sex will bring u closer together(safe sex that is)

Arieses - run away!
by: Anonymous

I am an Aries female & have been dating a Taurus male for 2 weeks now. What was sweet and flattering at the beginning has become a nuisance. He is too attentive, wants to talk for ages and ages, possessive and too into me. I feel like legging it! Honestly, he is so overbearing it makes me sick.

Idk what to do.
by: Missy

I've been seeing this Taurus man for 2 months every single day. I've slept there every night we were inseparable. Yesterday he tells me he likes me too much and we need to slow down he said I'm the most amazing girl he's ever met. But he said he needs to take care of his baggage before he brings someone into his life.... A little late lol. I am just worried he doesn't want to be with me and he's just being nice but will slowly but surely cut off contact with me.

Comment to the long message above
by: Anonymous

Omg seriously I read his fu$$ up text to you lol seriously real talk that a$$ hole dont give a crap about you obviously he knows you are a mess bc he sees it on the text i live you and his reply was oh but u will get over me blah blah ... K sexy and thats an insult he knows your upset but his like oh well time to move on and he will bang other females while his gone .. He obviously told u it wouldnt work out before you preach that u would date others read your message is all there he is a liar that he loves you bc he wanted to break up easily so he is not the bad guy . A real man and serious will understand and forgove bc we are human with emotions and sometimes say things with out thinking , kick him to the curve . Trust me i read everything and he is laughing at you on your reactions taurus man are good actors and play the victim card when they are caught . They can sweet talk you in order to get what they want for free like attention , sex , pleasure , oh and maids lol like the above situation . Unfortunaty but true . Real talk. Move on animals and people who are selfish and show no gratitude or empathy deserve no love but a kick in the a$$ and some pf their game medicine anytime someone makes you think why do they do that . Ask yourseld let me do that to them and see if they like it and watch how quick they come questioning and begging you bc they love the reaction you give them so they continue this silly games . I seriously hate taurus bc of their immature silly games and they know what they do , but play them the same way they do you and they come back crying . Trust me I have tested every trick in the book and the experiment worked . If you dont believe me try it . I put it on god no joke .

Aries Women & Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

Not sure where to start... I'm in love with this Taurus guy.
He used to go to golf school near my house. We started off as friend's but we both fell deeper. We would see each other every week, I wanted us to become a couple but he kept saying that he did not want a girlfriend because of him focusing on school. The weird part was we acted like bf and gf anyway. We kept seeing each other for about 6 months. He even help me get my xmas tree. He was defiantly acting like a boyfriend, but I could not understand why he did not want to make our relationship official.? The story goes even longer and deeper then this. What are your thoughts?
Were still in contact... is this love worth waiting for?
Why is it hard for a Taurus to show there truth feelings? Like saying I love you?..

a'm broken hearted cancer but a alwayz love ma taurus
by: red

how i thought he loved me,when he alwayz wanted to be around me.lam music producer and one day,this taurus man comes in ma studio he was so good looking, humble and respectul.okay a didn't fall in love at first sight though liked everything about him but after sometime a got feelings and a fell deeply in love with him.he did too. he started coming around more often and bieng shy around me he even told ma friends that he liked me but he would not say it to me cause we both were too shy for life.unfortunately he had to go for further studies somewhere far away from me but he left me his contacts and somehow a thought this would help to strengthen what we had for each other.a wrote to him the first week he left,a could feel from distance that he was happy that i had written.a kept writting but not going so deep,just saying Hi untill a could not hold it anymore and i told him how a felt inside and how much i longed for his love i opened up to him like a never would ever do to anybody in life.haha he said he was flattered,that he was glad that a felt like this about him.but like he had just broken up with his ex and that he was afraid of commitment.months after he was back with his ex and he started being distant,he could take long to reply ma mails.till now a'm still so deeply in love but taurus men can't be first they show you that they really care,that you mean soo much to them only to leave you broken hearted.

Leo female; male Taurus. Please read :)
by: Anonymous

Leo female; male Taurus.

I've been friends with someone for seven years. We would always end up getting into an argument and then wouldn't talk for long periods of times ( this last time 2 yrs) we always end drawn together again. It's kinda freaky. Either he will ask about me or we just start talking again. We finally slept together this past year, and it was pretty heated. It was just built up chemistry, and a balloon waiting to pop. We ended up ended up being FWB, but we ended it after 4 months. We get into our quarrels, but he always apologizes after we give each other space. My advice to all you ladies out there, is to not over analyze a Taurus men. We all post on these forums because we don't understand them, because they are complicated people. You spend too much time trying to understand them as compare them, when you should enjoy what you have in front of you ( at the time). There is beauty in that ruffled up mess. He and I are close, friends or more than that. I cherish him as a person and someone to be there for me and for me to be there for him in our dark times. I use to think the same thing as all of you, but now I'm content in the fact that he's consistent in my life more than most of the guys I've been with. Even if its off and on he's always there!! And he hasn't fucked me over like any of my boyfriends! And he's not even my boyfriend. There's uniqueness! Stop reading between the lines! And take it for what it is!

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