How to seduce a Leo woman

by Teya Durham
(Soldotna, Alaska)

As you've probably already heard, Leo's absolutely love attention. They love being looked at and admired, and looked at with as though they are the perfect prize you just won. Telling them you love something about them like their skin, or how soft their face is, can make them feel adored, and that's the easiest method.

Depending on how the woman is, since no two are the same, she may want to be touched. Not necessarily sexually, (at least not right away), but a simple caress on their cheek, or slowly rubbing their arm while looking them in the eyes can be a great turn on for a Leo woman. However, even though on the outside Leo's appear to be fearless and outgoing without caring what others think, on the inside you may find a frightened kitten who is scared at moving at a fast pace, and may feel uncomfortable and may even start thinking they're being pressured into doing something they don't want to do, which can be bad for you because her first instinct will be to run away.

The third, and probably most risky method, is to be straight forward and dirty. It is possible that your Leo wants you to be rough with her, but at the same time it is not in the Leo's personality (usually) to want to get down right away. They like teasing, and foreplay, and above all, Leo's like to be treated just like their sign, the King of the Jungle. This basically means they wanted be treated important, like getting them isn't just a game, but an honor. They want to know they can have real feelings from you, not just seduction and sex. It is probably not best to have a one night stand with a Leo woman.

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