How to seduce a Leo

This is highly entertaining, and far too close to the mark for comfort! I'm a leo man, and good lord, it's not a very nice thing to realize you're THAT easy, or that much of a complete egotist!

All that said, I like my sign: add some age, experience and maturity to the Leo (give him/her a life in which they got themselves humbled pretty seriously a few times and learned some hard lessons about what's really important in life), and you might get something really good.

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Question for this leo man
by: BleuLibra

do you mind reading below and telling me naive or crazy i really am?... i need a mans unbiased opinion.... this is something i posted under the LEO LIBRA page...

I'm a Libra woman and it feels so crazy finally admitting to this but, I am in love with my Leo guy. He is damn near perfect, everything you could want in a man. He says that he is not an emotional guy, but I have seen somewhat of a sensitive side from him. I love everything about this man; the way he walks, talks, dress and sex (I find that we all have this in common) the sex is amazing. I have been with a few good men in my life time but he takes the cake the icing and the ice cream in that dept. He is 1st man I can enjoy having sex with without having to take a drink (says a lot about my sex life... uuhhgg!). He's sweet, honest, intelligent, an excellent father and he knows GOD. We are taking steps in our Christian walk together. He knows the bible pretty well. I have so much respect for him as a man (we all know how important that is) There are a few obstacles that are keeping us from being exclusive. 1st there is this love/hate relationship that he has with his son's mother/girlfriend. For some reason I don't feel threatened by it... not too much of a big deal to me. I may sound a bit naive but, we have this bond that can't seem to be broken no matter how much time passes. We always pick up right where we left off. The 2nd obstacle is he made some decisions in his past that caught up with him and landed him in prison for about 9 or 10 months. It's not long but its long enough and I miss him like crazy. We write each other often but it's not enough. I need to touch him, hear his voice, feel his body next to mine, his breath on my cheek, his lips upon mine, I need to look into those large captivating eyes. Damn! I got it bad.

His consistent honesty is the reason why I respect him. There have been so many moments where I could have caught him in a lie but because he told me before hand I was able to say "I already knew that or he told me". He's very loyal which is a great quality, so when I do win him I doubt if I will have any worries because our feeling are mutual. His words "I have had my share of women, but I have never met a woman like you. I don’t know what it is. Something about you is different. You can have any man you want to take care of you, but you choose to work for yours. I feel like I can talk to you about anything and we can talk for hours. I find myself starring into your eyes thinking you are such a sweetheart." (melting) I miss my sweetie, can't wait until he comes home.

by: Anonymous

he sounds just like mine it scared me a little. mine is in the feds and im waitting. you're right he is perfect!

by: Anonymous

OMG! I am a Libra woman and I am head over hills for a Leo man. He is my ideal man and more. We arent dating, unfortunately, but I've been attracted to him and very interested for 5 long YEARS! I am 21 and he is 23 and I know we are both fairly young, but life has allowed as both to grow up quite early in age. This past December we went out on a date!

Everthing was great... he picked me up, was on time, paid for everything, total gentleman, and was absolutely fun and enjoyable to be with. The next time we saw each other was on Christmas at his grandmothers house, and I met his mom, sister, grandmother, and a cousin. And i really felt welcomed!

After that, we hung out 3 days later, at his house which was suppose to be movie night, be we ended up just literally talking about everything from our past, pains, struggles, goals, plans, family, friends, etc. And this particular night I had the heart to tell him that I've like him all this time! FOR 5 YEARS! whoah. He took me home and we finally KISSED! I've kissed men before, a Gemini, another Libra, an Aries, but when i kissed this LEO MAN, it took my breathe away. I mean my heart dropped to the floor and he even stopped kissing me and asked me was I okay! LOL I felt the electricity through my body!

Its been a week now since then, and we never talk on the phone...but he does text me. Ive invited him to go to Universal Studios with me on many occassions, (i have so many tickets to go) but we havent gone, because its been raining, and even though I should NOT be mad.... I am!

LOL Not because I feel rejected or anything but for some reason I feel as if he doesn't like me as much as i like him or if he even likes me at all. And this is soooooo frustrating because I really want this man badly! Not because of what he possess but rather because of who he is, a true MAN! He loves his mother, he's loyal, lowkey, ambitious, strong, aggressive (something I love), fun and funny, optimistic, passionate, protective, and kind. AND LETS NOT MENTION THIS MAN IS FINEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

I read our zodiac and sun signs and it always says that we are a perfect match! You would think that would make me feel as if this was meant to be, but I feel like im still hoping and wishing with him. That he is my fantasy that will never come true! And it kills me... I mean I think of him all the time, at work... when im working out, when im driving, in the shower, with friends, cooking, even when I go to bed, I pray for him and his family and pretend that my pillow is his chest that Im laying on. Call be obssessed but if you were to meet him or even see him, you'd understand.

My thing is, what to do... after waiting 5 years.
Do i move on? Or wait around and see what happens?

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