How to seduce a Taurus

I am a Taurus woman (39) dating a Taurus man (41). Love him to bits for his down-to Earth and no-nonsense attitude, incredible physical appeal, sharp wit and most of all his audacity. When my former flame Libra was hesitating and working out the best approach the Taurus man made an instant decision and just took what was his. The best thing he said to me was: you are mine and nobody elses!

Being 39 I had NEVER fallen in love before I met him, although some emotional attachments were formed in due course of my life they never sustained on my part and I had never before experienced the feeling of belonging to a man mixed with an overwhelming, almost animalistic passion and desire, admiration and pining for his touch. If before I could choose whether be or not to be faithful there is no question about it with him...I simply want no one else.

My feeling for him is a deep and tested feeling of a mature, sensible and grounded woman who had her fabulous pick and selected the most discerning quality mate she is hugely proud of.

What about him? He was very impressed when we first met, loved my tall slender very feminine frame and graceful demeanor, put on all his charm, proved himself as a true gent and a total filthy devil in bed...surprisingly for myself I took that very well! It took him almost 6 months to tell me that he has fallen for me..he was slow to warm up emotionally, but now from his own words he can't even look at anyone else.

My well tested tips to win a Taurus over? Be natural, well-groomed, elegant, feminine but without behaving with false modesty. Always smell good. Entertain him with your natural wit. He loves to laugh! Be receptive to his uncomplicated sometimes filthy is his style and he just sincerely finds it funny.

No need to be a career shark but have at least some professional
ambitions/interests in life, he will respect you for maintaining your independence. Do NOT fall over yourself to impress him, he has to work for you to appreciate the benefits. Respect his space. Do not be a constant drama queen, he can't stand any confrontations or imposed demands. Be his friend as
well as lover, that will build up the trust. Let him relax and take charge when he is ready, he is very macho and loves to lead his precious prey astray!

Appreciate his raw sexual appetite, encourage it at all times and try to stay open-minded where some of his 'kinks' are concerned, he is not a perv, just a very sexual passionate creature who delights in tasting forbidden fruits! Do not be afraid to surprise him in bed with a kink of your own (oh he will be soo grateful!) but ONLY if you really want it yourself and comfortable to experiment...if it pleases you it will turn him on!

Most very patient with him, put him under pressure and he will immediately get on his guard or even retreat. In his case it takes longer time for a real deep feeling to develop because THE NEEDS TO KNOW FOR SURE YOU ARE THE ONE! Enjoy him romancing you, give him plenty of time and space and
remember that as a rule invisible ties are the strongest.

The last but not least...the trust of a Taurus once abused can never be repaired again even if he/she tries to forgive and forget..things will NEVER be the same again if given a second chance at all. ABSOLUTELY NO cheating once a serious commitment has been made.

That's all really!

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Not what I expected
by: Cancer

But everything I never knew I wanted. Every good thing that has been said about the Taurus man is true. It's scary how true. The Taurus man will give you the life you've always dreamed of but it doesn't come without a price. And the price is awesome...they need all of your attention, they need to be in charge, they need you to be good for them. This is very hard sometimes but take it as a challenge, think of all the things they do for you and you'll see they deserve it.

I'm a cancer, and I'm not sure if cancer's are naturally submissive but I have felt so submissive in this relationship, it's confusing because I like it but it always feels like I changed who I am in this relationship. I like it, but worrying about what others think is not good for me. Also, I'm an artist and it gets scary sometimes feeling owned when sometimes I want to be free. Sometimes I believe in the notion of free love and I want to love everyone, impossible with a taurus. How do you spend a lifetime with a taurus without feeling like you sacrificed your life. Or is this the only way?

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