How to show a Taurus man you love him?

I met my Taurus man 5 years ago. We were together and broke up and even after we broke up we were still in love. For years he tried to get back with me as much as I wanted to. I didn't because I felt he deserved so much better than me. My closest friend told me he kept asking about me and that he still liked me. A few months went by and I guess he moved on.

So that fall I started school and forgot he went there. When I first got to school to find out my classes he poked my shoulder and I turned around and it was him. Just seeing him makes my day...just being next to him makes my day. Then I found out he had a girlfriend. But every time I would pass him in the hallway are eyes would lock together. we couldn't keep are eyes off each other and it's been that way for years. I can be in a room and not see him and know he's there I can feel him. its like were spiritually connected...he'd even be standing right in front of his girlfriend and still stair at me. it's like we half to look at each other and as cheesy as it sound when we'd look at each other and it was like the whole room stopped nobody was there but us. I'd always make fun of those cheesy love movies and shit but maybe they are real. it just rarely happens to a lot of people.. I know he is my soulmate I can feel it...We he had called me one night saying how he wanted d to be together for one night and finish what we let off...and how he loved me and his girlfriend but it was a lie...I know it was.. he loves me and that his whole relationship with that other woman is just a lie...The thing I like about him was that he was a romantic and I had a rep for being kind of a bitch well more like a little troublemaker back in the day. But really inside I was a sweet girl and he saw that in me.

There not even happy together me and my Taurus man would never argue. His girlfriend would ask me questions about are past relationship. She looked intimidated when she talked to me or when her boyfriend would stair at me while she was next to him in the hallway. She asked me questions about when we were together and if we ever had sex. She told me how he said I was the first girl he ever loved. She'd look at me all the time and say hi to me but she would have that look in her eye like she has that question she wanted to ask me but scared of what the answer might be. She was a sweet girl and I was never the type to break up a relationship even if I thought he belonged to me. It's not my style. I know he wants me but doesn't want to get hurt I think he thinks that there no guarantee that always be there. His girl will never leave him even if he treats her like shit.

So my first questions is. What do I do to show him that I still love him and will always be there for him?

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continued.. My other question
by: Anonymous

I stopped going to school there and I was kinda sad cause I thought maybe he is over me but it was a self-esteem thing me not thinking I was good enough. Months went by I started dating this guy an old friend. We were together for a while and so I decided to lose my virginity to him. I didn't have much opportunities before to sleep with anyone I've dated because I only wanted it for my Taurus guy and I didn't date much because I had only been in love with that one guy Taurus man) and I thought I wouldn't get a chance with him again. So I thought I been dating this guy for a while and have been friends for a while so why not. Yeah see with that decision I didn't even thing about love. I got pregnant with this new guy and had a son. I ran into the other guy (the one I still love the Taurus guy) and he saw me and my belly...and he seem shocked but played it off like he wasn't. He left kind of hiding and then I found him and he just stared at me walking by with a sad face. I don't know if he was jealous because I didn't sleep with him or sad because I was pregnant and it wasn't his? The father of my child was abusive to me and I left him. I thought I deserved all that bs that the father of my child would do to me. One of the reason that motivated was my child and the fact that I was in love with another guy. After six months of the relationship I wasn't happy anymore. I stayed with him for 2years..Every relationship I get into I compare it to the one I had with my first love aka the Taurus man and I can't find anyone that can make me just as happy. When I was pregnant I would dream about the other guy Taurus). I would dream about Taurus man with the father (Aquarius man) of my child sleeping next to me. I Have been dreaming about him for years still to this day.

My other question is. Do you think he (Taurus man) still loves me?

I want tell him I love him but don't know how? What is he going to think now that I have a child? Does he feel the same stiil? How do I show him I love him and that he is what I want my future to be...That for the past five almost six years that he is what I always wanted.. that he has always been my first choice..

we screwed up
by: virgolovetaurus

everybody make mistakes and yours was to date without being in love or mine was puppy love the same freaking thing (it's not love) I can say that because I'm in the same predicament you are in and it hurts, in love with Taurus but had a child with Aries and lost my virginity to that Ram,it's not something that can be understood by just anybody, I understand that the taurean male is slow to make his moves but when he does,you'll be the first one to know .your answer is when a taurus has fallen in love with you he doesn't just fall out of it, the other girl is unlucky, reason why she is feeling insecure because he doesn't love her and she knows it and he even told her so "you were his first love" you never forget your first love btw. the only thind I can tell you is to be yourself as he knows you and try to befriend him, to be safe, invite him to friendly gathering with friends that you both know. than slowly make your move because he sure as hell won't. ps a sure way to a taurus's heart is through his belly, you probably know that by now once you both reacquainted, than surely he'll ask about your son but don't try to throw the kid at him just be brief and eventually he may ask to meet him if he really does love you he'll love your son because he is part you! good luck girl ...

Its always for the better!So, Cheer up.
by: Anonymous

"Sometimes the Taurean male is slow to make his move"...Or... He might not be making any move at all because he sees no reason to do so.

I made a big mistake to going back to my past.I think it was just puppy love.I mean,I still like and appreciate the other person but a year on and I really understood the meaning of letting go.

So, it was time for me to move on.It was kinda hard because I had spent my whole life on the east coast.But I left the east coast for good.It was necessary to "broaden my horizons". It all happens for the good.Believe me.She helped me realize the meaning of true love and eventually I did find it.

So,as far as you are concerned...let go of the old ways..Travel..Go to new places.Meet new people.This is a calling to push the envelope and broaden you perspective of the world.Also, believe me, what's not real is just not real.

2010 July
by: Anonymous

Sugar, i am interested in the spiritual connections you have experienced with your Taurus guy. What is your star sign that you have found it so difficult to forget him? Have you moved on with your new life and found new love?

new update (engaged)
by: Anonymous

i totally forgot about this post lol but for real my taurus finally came through i texted him after a long textathon he woke up , now the more i ignore him da more he wants to talk he even calls (what!) it's hilarious and wants to hang out haha don't give up hope i sure didn't, i just really wanted to know if i could get him or if he was attracted to my virgo ass turns out he always had a thing for me, now that i know don't really give a hoot.., i'm marrying an aries in oct 2 da one i lost my virginity to we also had a beautiful 1 yr old boy together last year, ( he isn't my best match i know too much competitiveness and ego for me we've clashed in the past! but we've been together 7 yrs now and Boy it's been an adventure... (don't give up that's when u truly fail :-)): good luck peace

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