How to stay friends with a Leo man who doesn't fancy me any more

by Gloria

I met this Leo guy about a year ago and he approached me in a very flirtations, I would even say sexually aggressive manner. But he was very good looking, fun, and charming and I didn’t mind it. He is few months younger than me (30) but sometimes acted like a younger and more immature boy. In the beginning he told me he was hurt before (they always are because of their selfish and proud nature) but only few months after that I realized it was by a Scorpio woman, like me – when I told him that I am a Scorpio too. He didn’t say anything then but obviously made up his mind to be careful with me and keep me on a certain distance. At times he was very open and generous, we even went for a trip together but he never fully opened to me and let me be his “girlfriend” in the actual meaning of it. I was totally attracted by him, ready to give as much as I can without accounting what I get in return. He enjoyed my attention but sometimes ignored me for a day or two. With time he became very reserved to me and refused even to touch me anymore.

What a fool I was! It was few months later that I realized that he had another affair with an Aquarius girl (7 years younger than us) from his circle. When I initially asked him he told me she is just a friend, that she is too stupid to be his girlfriend. I felt that he is cheating, and tried to be more reserved. He asked me then: “can’t we just be friends; you are my best female friend”. The reason I said Ok to this is that he was very careful and kind to me, called me several times after I was operated to offer help, bought me a nice birthday present and was very understanding and considerate to me in several occasions when I had hard times at my job.

Few weeks ago I learned that the girl “who was not his girlfriend” actually is because he is taking her for a trip – absolutely the same way he did it with me a year ago. When I asked him about it he told me he would like me to join them too as his friend. I was very upset by this – what is this guy thinking of me! I tried to keep a bigger distance without being too rude or direct to him and somehow this triggered him trying to do the opposite. He started calling me every day, asking who I am with. I was with another man on New Year’s Eve; he knew it but still asked me to call him. I didn’t and he called me the next day to ask how it was, when I didn’t tell anything he became mad and hanged up. I tried to reconcile for the sake of our friendship and the many common friends that we have.

He then started calling me every day – something he never did before, in fact I was the one calling him and craving for his attention. He invited me out, even bout me a present few days ago. I know that Leos behave this way because they are proud and don’t want someone to dump them unless they decide to do so first. This is why I tried to stay opened and kind but still keep a distance. I cannot hang out with a man who has another girlfriend, and even worse – has chosen her before me. Last night he called me twice at 10.00 PM – I didn’t pick. Now I am sitting here, in the middle of nowhere and trying to figure out what to do. On the one hand – I don’t want to be too rude because we share common friends and I don’t want them to think I treated him bad (they all like him). I don’t want to be rude even without this – I don’t want to isolate and ignore a person who is considerate and nice to me as a friend. I want to stay polite and open but it hurts me every time when I see him! If he didn’t call me almost every day probably I would not think of him, I try my best to distract from the thoughts: reading, fitness, meeting female friends. The problem is that the other men I meet are not half as good as him, probably I am still not ready to be with someone…

Sorry that this post became too long – I tried to shorten it a bit. Any feedback or advice will be appreciated. Please, don’t be too harsh to me – I am not a stupid girl, just fooled by the fact I cannot command my heart …and who can?

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From Leo Man to Scorpio Woman
by: Leo Man

My two cents from a Leos point of view. The biggest problem that Leos and Scorpios have is talking to one another about issues they may have with one another and Scorpio woman plz don't take this in any disrespectful way or form but we need you guys to let us know what's going on because if you shut us out, we just think your not into us anymore. The good thing is that it seems like he still likes you bc I saw that he calls you everyday like you use to and that's great bc we don't call people like that unless we really like them. We Leo men (real Leo men) want to work things out with Scorpio women but you guys hold back on how you feel about things and I get it about protecting your heart believe me I get it, we don't wanna be hurt too. Now the only reason why I'm saying this cause I'm still trying to work things out with my Scorpio but she seems less affectionate and more distant as usual and it drives me nuts cause I do miss her, but after reading all these things about Scorpio women, I'm careful to tell her. Anyways this is about you my dear, again just be straight up with him and if he cant give you a straight answer like real Leo men do then walk away and never look back, don't be afraid to stand up to us, that's one trait we love about Scorpio Women, your strength. Hope this helps and have blessed day.

I knoww
by: Anonymous

DUDE I know what you're going through..almost the same thing happened to me..I'm an aqua got attracted to a leo and he was very sexual about the whole thing which made me thing he just wants me for sex..I think they have so much pride that we feed and even though they're leos and like it they're still men and want to chase so it's like a paradox in one person..I think the fact that u took distance from him made him miss you and realize how u treated him right before and wanted it back but unfortunately the thing about leos is that even if they're doing a nice thing for you, you'll never know if it's done for YOU or for THEM to be proud of..I thin you should definitely talk to him and before that you should decide wether you're still romantically interested in this person

i hate leo men
by: Anonymous

My husbands a Leo been together for 5years now he ignores me and doesn't ring CZ hes bored they get easily bored don't trust a word he says they are lying bastards,they lie out their front teeth and they don't get enough of lying and it is soo obvious that they r lying I fukin hate Leo people but I just cant get rid of him wish he just comes across this post thats what gets me mad not tryna put u off,but they r kids my partner is 34 acts like a fukin joke ass kid about 5 who always wanna win in everything,ring me 07551216928 Il tell ya all about em

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