How to tell a Virgo man you like him?

I like this Virgo...and he makes me laugh a lot...People who can make me laugh I am instantly attracted to...And being a Capricorn a fear of mines is that I'll never find someone I can love...I am very shy...and I don't know if he likes me...I can tell communication is very important to him...I really want to know how I can tell him im attracted to him. Also how would he reject me if he doest like me. Because regardless of what these horoscope things say and how high someone's compatibility can be if their feelings aren't mutual it means nothing...

-So what is the best way to tell a Virgo you like them? and

-Is there anything about Capricorn that irritates the Virgo male?

*please answer as soon as possible, Thanks!

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How to tell a Virgo man you like him
by: Anonymous

I've just started talking to ma Virgo partner!!

he's awesome !! he prefers honesty and he's so deep like me! I thought nobody could understand me but he does!! Virgo men doesn't forces so just tell them what u feel!! or else they wont beg u!!

he's totally in love with me!! we both know that its not going to end!! I love u !!!

Response to "How to tell a Virgo man you like him"
by: Anonymous

Actions speak louder than words.

The First Move
by: Alexandra

I told my ex-virgo on a cute little note. I knew he liked someone else at the time, but i expressed my feelings anyway. I said it was alright that he liked the other girl and encouraged him to pursue her. (he was my friend at the time) A few months later, in January,(i'm a capricorn-aquarius, born on a cusp)) he gave me a birthday card and gift, and on the card he expressed his thanks for having me as a friend and helping him out when times were hard. Then on the very last line he told me he liked me. Even though we are exes, we are still good friends and have a soft spot for the other. My advice is be friends with him, get to know him, and have patience. Personally, I didn't know he liked me until he gave me that card. He told me he stopped liking the other girl and liked me before I gave him the note, but didn't know how to say express himself. He said my note gave him confident to confess himself. I say, break down some of his walls because virgo's are hard to crack even when you're with them. and at some point express your feelings. Trust and comfort has to be there and you may have to make the first move. Okay, you probably will have to make it.

by: Anonymous

Virgos are shy and reserved as hell! I know this virgo guy who has a crush on me for the longest time ever, and he still is too chicken to confront me about it. He tries to hint his feelings to me in the most subtle (if you call it in a nice way) ways. But sometimes I find it so annoying and immature of him. I just ignore his ass and see if he'll ever pull the guts to tell me like a man. dunno... I think I'm too deep for him.

Think you are too deep for a Virgo? Guess again:
by: The Virgo Man

Being a Virgo man I can assure you that no other sign is as deep and internalized as a Virgo. While I can't speak for every Virgo man out there, generally, the Virgo man is very reserved and does not wear his heart on his sleeve. The Virgo's attentions and affections must be earned rightfully.

If you grow impatient with the Virgo, that is alright, just means you aren't right for him. If you can exercise patience he will notice. Trust me on that.

In regards to the Virgo feelings when attempting to court a woman, he will be subtle. The Virgo man feels that he does not have to make a huge display just so you will notice. The Virgo man hopes that you have enough intelligence to see his subtle gestures.

by: Anonymous

I have been dating a mature virgo man for four months now and I've never been happier! it took him that long to say, 'I love you' to me and that was with me helping him along with it as well. it is for sure worth the wait. his intellence and thoughtfulness on everything makes me love him even more. I am a libra female and I have the perfection thing working on me as well so it does help me understand where he is coming from. He does everything so damn well. I love him deeply and I pray that I dont let him down.

In love with mr mature
by: Amy

I have been seeing a mature virgo man for five months now and I finally found the man for me. I am a libra lady and we enjoy each others company and we even pull away or needing alone time at the same time then after wards we are ready to bond with house chores and enjoy each other again

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