How to tell an Aries man you love him?

I'm a libra girl, and i love an Aries man but i don't know what i should do to let him know. Any help please?

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by: Anonymous

I am a Libra girl who fell in love with an Aries man this summer. We were instantly attracted to each other. We have been talking to each other for
about 3 months now. However, he had to go back to Europe and now Im left wondering how to keep his attention, or if I will ever get him back. I love
everything about this boy. The sex is the best, he is extremely smart.. Help me.

How to tell Aries who you love
by: Anonymous

It seems too late for you to tell your Aries man who is going back to Europe. Too distant and different country it is hard to get involve to get close and to become a relationship. You, Libra, only remain with a heart broken-hurt. I try my best to answer you according to your article.

Whatever, Aries sign seems has no emotional. When he leave, he leave; it doesn't matter how many times you have an Intimacy with him. So, it is better to match your sign with the right sign before getting sex with the person. I'm not astrology, but I learned a lot a bout zodiac signs how it is impact on individual.

I'm Libra Virgo with a bright eyes/shy.

Wait until he tell you first
by: Aries

Once he has said the words, if you genuinely feel the same-just say them back.

Do not ever say 'I love you' first--you will look clingy and he will run. Nothing to work for and potential stalker type (that's what I think anyway when someone confesses love too early).

In the reverse case-- I think Aries women will know that she loves the person but she will wait until she's sure of her mate's feelings before she says the words.

Just Don't Give Up
by: Penny

If you are still talking with him ask him if he is coming back and when, if he hum s and haws about it then he isn't serious about it but if he seems eager to get back to you and where you both left off then keep it friendly, be his friend, show an interst in his life, in his world, get to know him better with your communication and if he comes back make him tell you that he loves you first, this won't be too hard, we Libras have a way of looking into a mans eyes and making him see. Its easy if you really love him then look at him with that love, he will see it and he will say it then he will be on his terms, Aries men need it that way. He's the hunter if you get this done as soon as possible then have a relationship then always give him the support that he needs HE NEEDS TO BE NEEDED, then shower him with the love that noone else can give him, a Libra woman can touch a man and make him sigh.....Use it all Lady, you are a Libra, we were born for seduction, get your love you deserve it... Give him all your love back

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