How to tell if a Scorpio man is interested?

ok I’m a Gemini girl and I just met a Scorpio man he is really sexy and he really intrigued me from the moment I met him seeing how I just got out of a relationship with a Pisces I’m wary about these water signs mixing with air but anyways besides the point when him and I met at him and his twins birthday his ex girlfriend even came up to me (that’s how much we were flirting but tastefully flirting ) just to ask how we knew each other. You could tell she was getting a little bit jealous then my friend told him the next day that I thought he was cute and all he said was I know was all this flirting just to make his ex jealous or was he interested because I’m very confused. My friend is also trying to set something up between the Scorpio twins which one I’m interested in my friend and me to go out sometime so please help/ Was he interested or not? I like to think if my friend gets this date hooked up then he was interested if not then he was just trying to make his ex jealous please give me your input.

Very confused gemini girl

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Interest or not
by: Anonymous

It is easy to tell if a Scorpio interest with you or not, Gemini. If he is ever told you that he is interested with you at the first time when you met him. If he does interest, he is naturally come to you without a pressure. That what love is or he just wanted to flirt with you just to make his ex gets jealouse, uh,haa.. I can see. He took the advantages just to find the way to wins his ex or to let his ex get painful. You may want to look deeper before giving you heart away to a Scorpio man or you will ended up with a huge and unhappy heart. So in that situation, he maybe has a destruction with his relationship. Well, to me, flirting is just flirting. Regardless, this is just my opinion.
I'm not Gemini girl;(i'm in a six house) but I'm your twin-by sharing a planet of Mercury in the Zodiac symbol. Good luck girl!

interested AND making his ex jealous
by: Scorpizo

scorpios pick who they flirt with for a reason. his reason was to make his ex girlfriend jealous and maybe make it seem like he could do without her. but if if picked YOU to flirt with, he is definately interested. hes juss playing out his cards slowly... hes not gonna start something new until hes sure the old is done with. it seems like hes keeping you around, but if he wanted to take things to the next level, hed do it without his ex being there. if his old relationship end completely, it wont be by whats he's done, but by what she has

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