How to tell if a Taurus man likes you?

by kesha
(killeen tx,)

I am a Sagittarius girl and i like a Taurus boy how do i know if he really likes me?

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by: Uf

Im a Taurus man and more often than not, a traditional down-to-earth Taurus guy will be very straightforward and does not like relationships which are not stable / serious. He will also most likely give you more undivided attention than any other girl...and if that is the case you pretty much got the bull by its nose-ring. If he buys a present or a gift for you, he is at your command..

Taurus as a boyfriend
by: Anonymous

Well true with what Uf said. I haven't had a Taurus male in a while, yet they like to spoil their lover with gifts and full attention. My ex- bull use to pay for lots of stuff and shower me with presents nonstop. Whther it was big or small; flowers, sbx, or jewelry. However they are really stubborn and what they say and do is set in stone. Also they're habits are like a permanent schedule and trait of theirs like smoking or what not. I'm a Cancer Female they are a good match if you're willing to put up with their coldness and stubborness.

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