How to tell if Aries man is attracted to you?

Ok guys I need an answer to my question Okay I ran into a guy that I have a crush on whose an Aries of course we were at small get together but there were a lot of women there anyway he was leaning against the wall and starred me down when I walked over to approach we talked he reached his hand out and grabbed me into a hug and I smiled and look up at him beaming I stayed in his arms for few seconds and then outta of nowhere I asked for a kiss (which is something I really do not do) but I felt so close to him odd right? but anyway he said that I could kiss him I did it was so sensual sigh* but we had to leave shortly after does all that occurred means he's attracted to me? I hope so I haven't been able to stop thinking about since!

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you have got him
by: Sean =D

aries men are confident by nature by now i am sure you no what i mean if he looked at you for even one second he probably had the same idea as you let alone him grabbing you and giving you a hug trust me he's yours for the taking and i bet he's thinking about you just the same as you are ...what you should do is ask for his number he will be very flattered and will give you it in a heart beat after that wait for him to text or call let him make the 1st step any text he gives you will indicate he wants you weather its a simple wassup to a asking you out if you end up texting him for a long time and he does not ask you out then tell him how you feel and go from there hopes this helps i am a aries man myself and this just the way i would like it to go if i was in his shoes...good luck :)

He will tell you! Plain and simple
by: Anonymous

They're about as subtle as a heart attack

by: Anonymous

Hi all! First off I cant believe I am actually doing this. But I got it bad for an Aries man. I have had a crush on this guy for almost a year now. I now work with him, so of course we chat on and off but nothing seriouse. He Approaches me most of the time, either wh a hug, kiss on the head, or just play fighting and I as well as my friends have caught him checking me out a few times . I know what your thinking...Oh you have him! Well the thing is im almost positive he is talking to another girl. I dont think its tht seriouse but am certain there is something. I just can never tell if hes flirting or being nice, but im seriously starting to get impatient lol(im a scorpio) So I guess my main question is...Should I let him come to me for my number or what? I feel like if we could just start texting or talking something may happen. I have never been off a guy like this. Its sad. And I have never been so obsessed wh signs and such. So if anyone could please please help it would be greatly apprieciated!!

results please
by: Anonymous

I'm attracted to an aries man but i am puzzle about his feeling towards me. we have shared an intimate moment which was good (no sex was involve) and we text everyday but still i can't figure out mt standing point please help me figure out what to do

crush on aries man
by: Anonymous

Im a taurus gemini cusp and have had a crush on this aries man for almost two years...but i havent quite told coworker...actually a shift manager...i know he sees other girls and he says he's not looking for a serious relationship right now. The thing is im very shy and if i say or do anything that may hint that i like him it's because i cant help my emotions. I find it really hard not to smile when i talk to him...idk i feel this tension in the air when we're around each other but nothing very just so confused don't know what to do. i rly like him but am afraid of knowing how he feels abt help?

So Confused n i really like him i think.
by: Anonymous

I'm friends (i mean i think iam, i never really know with him) with an Aries guy, im in high school and he always hugs me, interrupt my conversations and if i ask someone a question, he will answer it before the person is even give him a chance too. i hugged him back and put my head on his shoulder and we hugged for about 30 to 40 seconds, then he just left, didn't say anything else. he stares at me, if he sees me, completely ignores me, or goes to high five me or calls out my name.
Love Lucy.

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