How to tell my Scorpio that I love him?

I've known this Scorpio guy for years.. He is so mysterious, gorgeous and just intrigues me. As another Scorpio myself I feel we have a deep connection and understand each other well. We are just friends but I love him and just haven't had the courage to tell him.

Lately this girl has been hitting on him hard. She is Leo (August 7) and constantly flirts with him all the time. She'll tossell his hair when she see's him and act all cutesy. He doesn't show her interest but she is his sister's best friend and she is really pushing him to ask her out. Leo girl is intent on getting her way with him and I'm really sad that she is going to succeed only because his sister is trying to convince him to date her.

Knowing how loyal Scorpios are to the people they get involved with I'm afraid that if he does fall for Miss Leo that I'll lose him forever to her. Honestly, aside from being drop dead gorgeous she doesn't seem like his type. But his sister keeps telling him how great she is and they'd make a great couple and to just give her a chance.

He and his sister are really close and I know he would never want to let her down. How can I tell him how I feel without scaring him because I know Scorpios hate to be chased, before little Miss Leo steals him away?

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How to tell your Scorpio that you Love him
by: Anonymous

It is not too easy for a girl to tell a guy that she Love him. This might make Scorpio scare. To win Scorpio heart is to show him that you are consistent, loyal, devotion, and intelligent by the way you behave. Otherwise, ask him for his Birthday; to surprise him a small gift that you can afford to show that you care; and let him know that he is a great person that you ever know and want to know more. Also, if you are an earth sign or water sign, I hope it is not hard for both of you to find each other as in Love. Scorpio is very emotional, so he needs a warm love and care.
Keep talking to him and look in his eyes as friendly and be a good listen when he talk to you.
You have a chance to meet him if are one of Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus. Good luck!!!!

how to tell a scorpio you love him?
by: Anonymous

you do not tell a scorpio male you love him !!! i repeat do not! if you want him to love you back! how do i know this because i am a scorpio woman who fell in love with a scorpio man after he obsessively chased me for 5 years, not only did we have chemistry like i've never known before but it scared me into forever dissing him, which made him want me all the more.(i'll let you know what happens) remember treat em mean keep em keen!!!

The silent love
by: Anonymous

Be with him, be smart...even if he loves you...give him silent warmth care and love...and never lie to him...remember his important days...and do not ever ever make a show-off...THIS ALL WILL TELL HIM LOUDLY, THAT YOU LOVE HIM...

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