How to turn on a libra?

by Marie
(Los Angeles)

Its hard to turn a Libra on but u have to be suave and aggressive yet gentle and calm all at the same time.

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turning on libra women at least
by: Barb Libra Monkey

I have discovered there are few who have the capacity to turn me on, as it needs to be like kismet! The Aries Dragon whom I can't get out of my mind and body, definitely has what it takes to turn me on! I don't know how to explain it, but we have never so much as hugged other, yet my body writhes in agony whenever I think of him or see him...and my face goes into this incredibly strong smile of ecstatic nature(: I feel his feelings from a distance...tantrically, and hope he gets my vibes too. It is a rare man that possesses tehse qualities. Finding someone to have sex with is be truly turned on by them is not. Maybe it is his masculinity and innocence rolled into one tidy package, and his sassy attitude that does the trick...a trim body and neatly coutured features a big plus...he is a man of style and authoritarian air (: Also very romantic in his tastes.

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