How To Understand Aquarius Women

by Jessica Mathews

We love our Independence and free mind we love to rise and have a wild side acting on instance is more the type of Aquarius women in general. When you have a conversation with this air sign you'll have a 9 out of 10 chance gain from the information we have told because we strive to give every detail and aspects of the subjects and one that attracts me to a guy is they see the world as it is and see the fault and gain from them and improves in his mind on how they think so it'll blow us away of u know how to explain yourself to us. The #1 thing that really sets us off to be interested is if u know how to treat a lady w/respect and not to think oh were just a woman we don't know anything if u say that you'll DEFINITELY turn us off it will be hard to gain our interest back when if you pull something stupid like that on a date but we would of already noticed you weren't worth our time the 1st or 2nd time we met or talked. A Way to get close to a Aquarius is to let them know your not going to laugh at there desires or ideas and if you are them try not to show it if your interested in a Aquarius because it wont last long. P.S. You might want to be really interested in music ones you don't hear on the radio and even older one we like a well rounded person.

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Can you explain it again ... ?
by: James MW.

Hello , I'm a bit lost on the latter part of the article . Are you saying that if you are truly interested in the Aquarius, then respect and believe in her thoughts ,desires and ideas and don't undermine, laugh or disregard them . If you do not take them seriously or support and believe in her desires and ideas . Hide your feelings in regard to laughing or not taking seriously because if you don't . The relationship will not last long ?

Would this be what you meant ? ? ?

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