Huge crush on a leo guy... HELP!

by lyse

okay. i met this leo guy this past weekend. Brazillian and black, and just downright GORGEOUS!! OMG! Anyway, we locked eyes at a party,and it could've just been me but i swear right after he layed eyes on me, every where i look he was there... just watching. (not in a creepy way, but in an "i want you" kind of way)

So he approached me and whispered in my ear telling me not to walk past him again and not speak. He caught me so off guard, i burst out laughing. (im LOL now jus thinking of how he did it)Anyway, next thing i know we are standing in the middle of the party, holding a full conversation. He tells me about his football career, which with his looks matched with his young age (23) it kinda set up a red flag.

I mean im not a insecure woman. Im a 22 yr old libra girl, and insecurities dont ignite but this guy... you must understand is just TOOooo damn fine! And the worst part is that he's a leo man, and he knows JUST how fine he IS!

The same night we met, i swear he stayed right there!!i found it flattering. He would stop it nothing to make sure i didn't leave the party without him, he practically stuck to me like glue the whole night, kissing me on my cheek, and grabbing my waist,telling me how good i look.(smile) Leo's aren't the only one who appreciate compliments, we Libras just die in it. Anyway, i told him i will not accompany him back to his was 4:00 am, i didnt want him to get the wrong idea about me.

He was visiting from out of state. Its only 2 hrs from me, but still.We talked on the phone until we both fell asleep agreeing on seeing each other the next day. The next day came, and he was blowing my phone up(i was with fam, geesh!)finally i answer and agree on meeting him for drinks,afterwards we head back to his room (in broad day light)and we talked flirted, more compliments from him. and yes we did alot of kissing (hey, i said he was a sexy brazillian and black leo man, need i say more...and a football player at that!) but we libra women are very re-fined. We give just enough but never too much until we are sure its going somewhere.

So he got to telling me he's really feeling me, and likes me, but he just dont do long distance relationship well. He said he tried with his ex, and they broke up from arguing too much over it. I told him i wont force him to try, but if a man really likes a woman, and she likes him than anything is possible. I also told him, that until a man is ready, no woman can truly change his mind.He told me he disagree's and that the RIGHT woman can make any man change. I told him NOT TRUE, a man has to WANT to ACTUALLY change, before a woman can do anything. I dont know if he was dropping hints almost as if he was saying in code "dammit, pursue me woman!", but by him being from out of state, and a young aspiring athlete only in town for a weekend, i wanted to be sure he wasn't just trynah get the weekend booty. Not gona happen. And the only way to do that, was to see how he re-acts when he went home without getting any. The next day he left, i told him to drive safe. He texted back saying "thanks sweetie". I haven't heard from him since...its been a week. Did i run him off??i dont wanna go after him, because im sure he's use to that from women, and i hate rejection. My mom always told me to be the special one, you have to be the different one. What do i do?? i want him..

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Lions will roam
by: Anonymous leo man

call him, you guys have had conversations before so you something about him and his interests. wait another week at least. i know myself, i can get into my zone and sort of block people off, especially with a very busy schedule i need some time for my thoughts but i will get right back into the game after that. so give him a sec and call him at a time you think he wont be busy and intrigue him. A conversation means nothing to us if were not intrigued and can take something away from it.
~in short, lions like to roam their kingdom alone until they are ready to be back in connection with others~

hope that helps,
leo man

still lost
by: lyse (the author)

Thank you, its been almost 3 weeks since then and we've made some minor contact, but no actual phone convo. One day i sent him a cute little love song in his inbox on fb, a day later i asked him if he got it, and he said yes but he couldn't play it. So maybe 2 days later he texted asking me to send him some pictures. I did. He asked for explicit. i got offended and stopped texting. Then one night out of the blue i texted him a sexy pic (not explicit,but sexy)i attached it saying i was on my way to sleep and he wanted him to know he was on my mind.He texed the nxt morning saying he absolutely loved it. Then he asked for more like that, i stopped texting again. That was a week ago, and im scared to say or do anything else. He's been back to my state since then, and we've seen each other briefly, i will admitt i've played hard to get with this leo, trying to real him in. But after studying his sign, i've realized that it probably wasn't a good idea for his ego.I just didnt want him to think im easy.

by: Anonymous leo man

you have him confuse stop playing hard to get. Leo man won't waste their time on game we know what we him tell him how you feel he will understand.

cut it out
by: Leo guy

You want him. He wants you. Don't make problems when there aren't any. Your own insecurities about being "easy" are getting in the way of an awesome fling that could definitely lead to a relationship.

you guys are right!
by: Alyse

Thanks for the awesome feed back. I wrote this so long ago i forgot all about it.LOL. Anyway, i did eventually stop playing with him. He ended up telling me that he wants me in everyway possible ~~blush~~... he claimed he was afraid to tell me how he felt thinking that i would think he is crazy..Anyway after things got physical between us for the first time, i regret to report that i panicked and didn't know how to react after it happen because it happen too soon in my opinion. We haven't spoken prolly my fault... =(

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