I am a libra man

by Alex

Libra men do try to make peace and lighten the mood with jokes and flirtatious comments. I personally throw comments here and there if i was in class or watching TV with family members to clear the air and have people start talking. I am looking to get married to someone i love; even though i am in my early 20's, and settle on my own foundation so i can start building up life block-by-block. my Lover is a Taurus, my best friend is a Taurus too. There IS uneasiness in my relationship that i am trying to solve, everything else is just wonderful. Just one advice for Libra men, practice to say NO to a lot of things you feel a little uneasy with. Such as invitations or suggestions or orders. Because that word will give you certainty that you need and the confidence to make the decision you will be happy with. Don't think too much it'll get you stressed out.

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Libra man is outspoken in the publics
by: Anonymous

One of the best about a Libra guy that I ever noticed is he is a great speaker in the public. He is very intellectual, sturdy, cool, and his appearance is perfect. In the naked eyes, he is hot and elegance. He is very supportive, concerns, and cares. To be around this guy is safe; he always have something nice to express in a positive way.
I'm very impressive about Libra man; he is fair and well balance. But I still don't believe for all of Libra men are such a great lookin' as him. To all Libra men if you are one of the Libra man who I just talking about, be proud of yourself; you are blessed as in a beauty as well as you are brilliance the most in the Zodiac signs. Good point, I don't thing he is jealous.

Virgo's comments

I am a Taurus Woman
by: Anonymous

My mate and have things we are working on over coming, we have been through so much. I'm inlove with him and he's inlove with me, he's a libra but how can I get him to understand in see that he is all I want in my life. How could I get his mind off of what has happened in the past, in NO I did not cheat on him we have had fights from him lying, cheating in we have been 2gether for 3yrs.

Hi Taurus lady
by: Anonymous

Communication is a key. Take your time and find the right words to speak with him. I knew Libra man is tough and challenge. You need to know his weak and strong point. This guy is very smart, easy going, and full of charms but don't let those trick you. Read more about Libra zodiac profile and you will figure it. Libra is very loyal and gentle. Hope it works for you.

Kind of
by: SeventhSun

My fellow sibling whose mother is also Venus, I thank you for your kind advice and I wish you the best in your romantic endeavor. However, Taurus is definitely NOT compatible with bearers of our kind.

They are the stubborn, inflexible hard-driving bull that do not possess an equal depth of appreciation for beauty, art, intellectualism etc. Somewhat like Virgo but well, even Virgo can sometimes be a bit smarter though I must maintain that both are foul ups in their own unique ways.

Every relationship has a give-and-take requirement but for incompatible signs MORE of that is required so at the end of the day you would have to ask yourself if all that you do for this relationship to keep it running is really worth it.

I don't mean to repeat this but you should look for girls that belong to the other better signs that we were meant to better experience life with.

Google is full of the obvious so I leave you to explore the range of possibilities that was already advised to us.

Anyway, all the best and take care.

sunsetreflector (wordpress)

Re: Libra man is outspoken in the publics
by: SeventhSun

That would be me.

Yes I am good-looking and I can speak very well even before I take the podium.

I inspire and motivate those for the better and only if I am convinced they deserve it.

sunsetreflector (wordpress)

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