I am a Scorpio woman

by Baby
(Columbus, Ohio)

Some of what's been said is true; however, for a Scorpio woman dating a Taurus male, alot of what I've read is not true when it come to the Taurus male's treatment, attitude in the relationship. No two Taurus males are alike either, but for the one I'm married to is all too different. He's a 42 year old male momma's boy who refuses to grow up. He claims to love me, but treats me as if I don't exist. He claims to want sex all the time, but later tells me that he doesn't have time for sex with me. We've been together for 7 almost 8 years with twin girls age 2 and his only love now is the girls which I'm not mad about, but he has excluded me all the way around. Nothing about me changed from when we met except for me finally growing up more and not putting up with his B.S. He shows no respect and yet demands respect. Leason, don't ever get with a man/child who refuses to grow up and has a very negative attitude no matter what.

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by: Anonymous

I agree. I am currently getting out of relationship with a Taurus man after 4 1/2 years. He is the worse guy I have ever date, but in the same breathe he is the most giving. It is true they show no attention to thier significant other. It is like I don't exist to him and he doesn't care. In his life the only thing that matters is work and keeping up a appearence in public (which is seemingly a lie). Now that I want it to be over and is calling it quits, he wants to do right. I am so tired of giving him chance after chance. In my mind I have already moved on from him after trying relentlessly. He still is trying to hold on..HOW IRONIC! I now have a guy who I just met that is a Sagittarius and I do believe this one maybe husband! I am loooving him already. The way he makes me feel it doesn't compare. FYI at first a Taurus man will come off charming, fun, and all the things that you would want in a man you start to think you found it in the Taurus..I'm saving you the heart ache move on because they are SUPER CHEATERS!! After a year 1/2 into our 4 1/2 year relationship HE COMPLETELY STOP HAVING SEX WITH ME!! He made all kind of excuses, but his cell phone and Facebook inbox didn't lie.

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