I am an Aries man but this is weird

by Del

I am an Aries man but i find my character weird. Although I have the typical traits of an Aries male such as being aggressive, impatient,sexually active, loves adventure,egoistical,selfish, easily get jealous and all that character of a stubborn ram.

But this is weird, although i can be really loud and straight forward, I have this moment when i want to be left a lone, that i don't talk to anyone, even to my closest friends and family, i even did that to my ex girlfriends, Many people told me that I am really quiet for an Aries man

I am also very secretive and private person, and my way of covering my to personal details about my life is to tell some of my adventures and or engage in a conversation to talk about anything, just to divert the attention towards my personal life, I also fond of SPYING on other people, I can easily change my character when needed,I also tend to listen to people talk so i can observe them to know them more so i know what makes them tick or what is their interest. People told me that I should work with the CIA.

I am also a very UNFORGIVING person and I LOVE the concept of getting even.

And this is not a typical Aries trait but, I tend to plan my next moves in life, specially love and ambition, Although I can really think very quick when Plan A and Plan B is needed

When I love someone, I give it 200% 24/7 I make sure she is spoiled, loved and taken care of, I make sure she is safe, that all her need in life are met, Always giving her the best. But the hardest thing for me in love is, to give up my Ego, Pride, not to mention the EXTREME possessiveness and jealousy

I am also not an impulsive spender, I am great at handling and saving money.

I am born at night, And I also have a Scorpio adjacent, I also have Venus in Aries, Does that anything to do why I have a very quiet and non Arian traits?.

Almost forget, I am really attracted to Libra and Leo women, Most of my ex-girlfriends are mostly Libra and some Leo. Same thing with celebrity crushes, almost all of them are Libra women.

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not wierd at all
by: barb libra monkey

My God! This sounds identical to the man I have devoted 3 years of mental love to...not sure what time he was born, but exact same traits! I say mental, as we have never been physical, just talked a little, but I get the most intense and tantric feelings from him that control my body full-on...imagine what it would be like if he would let go of his ego and trust me enough to try it out! I know he love/d me by the way he acted and songs he played in my presence, and that he sang to me at a dance...etc. I know he keeps tabs on me and tells me to delete his number...so why keep tabs on me and do drive-bys? My fault is that I am impatient and because the feeling is so strong, don't give up trying to get him to come to me...or talk again.
Too freaky reading your story...WOW!

Can;t stop feelings for Aries Dragon
by: barb libra monkey

I have been fully in love with an Aries Dragon for over 3 years now, but never got to do anything but talk and laugh...very early on. I know he loved me, and got an e'card saying so, but insisted I needed to join a dating site where he put up photo and video of himself in risque shots...but the site was pulled down before I could see them anyway. He is very shy, indicating possible Pisces rising. However, he also sent me a song by Bruno Mars...It will rain. But when he does this stuff, never puts his name to it, but I know by things I have put up on fb that he has replied to in those messages. He has friends checking on me all the time and does drive-bys but hasn't had the gumption to come and actually call out to me or knock (not loud enough at least). I have aged 10years from stress and just can't get him out of my head 24/7. I can't even look at another man and feel compelled to be true to him...but we don't DO anything! I can't get anyone to fill me in on his whereabouts or anything, so it is very unfair, and he won't answer me when I txt. He did call back when I accidentally called his number last week, but when I couldn't recall calling he hung up before I could get a conversation happening anyway. Is it fear? Has he grown to really hate me? there was a comment from Del of NYC that was IDENTICAL to him, so if he reads this, please reply to me...I am a Libran by the way. I am going quietly crazy and no-one wants to talk about it with me...they don't believe he spies on me and think it is all in my head. I am a very educated person and NOT silly, but have NEVER had such strong feelings and tantric experiences when he is anywhere around. Help(:

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