I am an Aries woman and love to chase!

by Lisa
(New York)

I am an Aries woman and love to chase! I always get what I want, and have never failed at seducing every man I have wanted. I am attracted to the slightly 'unemotionally available' man, and what turns an Aries woman on no end is that manly earthly passion - my current lover caught my eye when he was chopping down trees, his strong arms really got me going! but the intense conversations we have is what secured the deal, it took me 2 weeks (which is unusually long for me) but he is a Leo and I couldn't always read him!

Anyway now I want more from him, more emotional expression and I wont stop until I get it. We met under the moonlight down by a beautiful river 2 nights ago, I grabbed him and gave him the most passionate kiss I know he has ever had in his life, and then backed off a bit, it was driving him crazy! so I will update you to what happens this week!

To steal an Aries woman's heart you have to be 100% into her at all times, give her space with stability and never try to dominate her, unless its in the bedroom, see an Aries woman tries to dominate sexually, but her fantasy is really to be dominated herself! - hard passionate kisses are a must also!!!!

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Chasing? No
by: Summer

Girl, you are better than me. I was being chased by an Aquarius. He caught me and then started to disappear. So I have been chasing him for a while and I HATE IT! There has never been anyone who has been interested in me who behaves like this. He says he likes me and then disappears? Anyway, I finally told him that I was giving up because he was wearing me out. Do you know what he did then? He asked me out. God, I'm so nervous and confused now. His kisses are so amazing. I get weak-kneed just thinking about them. I hope he's still into me

OMG it sounds like me
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries woman and felt sparks as soon as i see then Aquarius man. The same thing happen to me first he was calling me and chasing me i kind of liked it then i don't know what happened he sais i was what he wanted and he was into me then he started barly calling we stopped spending time together. When i ask if he's still intrested he says yes. I told him the same thing i have never in my life had to work so hard for someone that says there into me i don't get it. He wore me out so i decided to end it then what does he do tell me he thinks i might be the one for him WTF! Now he says he wants to be with me but not sure if he's ready for something long term. I'm tired of this but all i can think about is being with him. I think we as Aries act like that because we are use to getting what we want and no this is the one man that's not falling for any of our tricks and we can't read him and it's driving us crazy i just want to get over him but i can't DAMN HIM!

What do we do? Aquarians are our kryptonite
by: Summer

It's been a year, a year! since I've been doing this dance with the Aqua. I love talking to him, spending time with him , he makes me laugh and the sex is awesome. BUT we're just friends with benefits. It's driving me crazy. I feel kind of stuck. I've been on dates but I feel like I'm cheating on him and I want to keep seeing him but I want to be more. The smart thing to do would be to cut my losses and move on since he says he's not ready for a relationship but I can't. I've tried so many times.

Aqua Man Reply
by: Anonymous

Take your time, he belongs to you and you will get him. However, we need time to ourselves. Not away from you, just to ourselves which can look like the same thing. If you Aqua man is really into you, drop him the ultimatim and he will give in. However, be prepared for him for a quick decision to walk as well. We're just like that... lmao

It's over
by: Summer

I'm sad it didn't work out w/ the Aqua but I was tired of waiting. Life goes on

I don't chase
by: Anonymous

Im an aries and I hate chasing guys, I never chase guys if they like me and I like them I want it right away if he ignores me for one day its over, ill literally lose interest. Guys bore me quick if they play games.

wow everything makes sense gettn scare
by: Anonymous

i am an aries girl i just met an aqua guy a couple of days ago he text me all the time but his messages are cold and short i want to make him fall so in love with me how can i do the right thing what is the key to him since all of u have tried something different with aquarius what did u girls do wrong i kissed him the first time i met him it was amazing i was about to sleep with him and now im like thats so good i didnt so do i need to play hard for him to fall for me?

Never -ending story
by: Summer

I had to come back... so over a month ago Aqua man leaves, ending things, he met someone else. I am of course very hurt.

FFWD to today, I get a text from him saying he had a dream about me and misses me.

I laughed so hard (and did not reply). He played me and now he wants to come back? WTF?!
I've already moved on (not dating Aquas anymore)

It gets better, I'm enjoying his misery.
by: Summer

Aqua man contacted me. Denying he ever dumped me, how sorry he is and can we still be together.

It felt so good to say no. Whatever spell he'd cast on me is finally broken --

by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries woman, and all I have to say to this post is 'touche' =)

Good for you!
by: Anonymous

I have an aquarius man in my life as well, so I know how impossible they are to read. Good for you for moving on in this!

Double Shot with trouble !!!!
by: Anonymous

Goshhh this is so so me...Aries woman here..married to a shy Aqua...and In love with another Aqua whose totally different from ma husband..both are poles apart..I'm a Typical go getter i dont quit until i get wot i fancy..infact I was surprised (read as shocked) when ma man gate crashed into ma place..Lol..i must admit i was totally floored and impressed..we had met at a party..5 days gone by...and he was in ma bed..Mmmm...Kiss tht turns me onnn...hez a AMAZING kisser..made me go allll weak in ma knees. we wud chat/mail every single day..then i realized..he was sortta aloof..been almost 3 months now...we do keep in touch.Our Tuning is fantastic..makes me laugh..with all his PJ's I love his Brain..lotta physical attraction !!! never felt this way EVER..now guess wot...Hez making ME chase HIM...:(...I dont mind the chasing bit...but i doubt if i can go on like this for too long..coz i can lose patience..i can bend maself to some extent..but..not Break ma back...so some time back..I took a step back..;) and ma Man ..Mmuah Mmmmuah got back to me...I respect and deeply care for ma Husband....hez been more of a Friend to me...Than a Husband..:(..and now i meet this awesum Guy..and i'm in Double Trouble..:(..i have NEVER cheated on ma husband so far..in the last 13 yrs of our marriage:(...

Aries woman
by: L

Well.. I didn't find an Aquarius I found a Taurus Man.. We have been friends first then lovers and now its been 6 yrs since we have known each other and d relationship is not showing any progress because he is scared or is moving real slow. I can't deal with it because I need commitment and stability in my life . We do not have the patience to wait for long.. it's a wonder I survived this I have been thru so much.. Really wanting to move on but I'm getting there. Because of my unhappiness I start arguments and I just cant be bothered any more.

by: VMG


by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries woman and this Pisces man keeps flirting with me. He playfully asked me out & I said yes, but he hasn't asked for my phone # or anything. I think he's afraid cuz he asks me random questions. My issue is that I'm tired of waiting for him to ask me out but people say women shouldn't ask guys out. What should I do?

Aquarius in love with aries :(
by: Aqua-man!

I m an aqua man, and i met this aries girl. Its only been a month so far. We got fairly close during our 5 or 6 drinking sessions, we held hands almost everytime while drinking. she told me some stuff about herself and said only i know that... Despite the fact she was many friends. I think she likes me too. I cooked for her many times and she loved it. She tells me alot about her ex and how many guys are after her. I go in her room and have conversations but now it seems that shes not into me... Just because shes kind of clear im into her too. Lately ive been trying to call her out, but she always give me an excuses. She replies late nd in short messages. Shes also moving out of this place over some issue that is not directly related to me (she knows), nd she knows im sad that shes moving out nd i clearly gave her hints, but to no avails, she ignoring me all day. Or i must say i didnt text her all day, since last night she said she doesnt wana chill. Im 20, shes 23. Can somebody help me, how should i approach her and get in a relationship with her? Before she moves out? :(

Correction: Aries women like a little “reciprocal” chase
by: AriesFireQueen

Definition of reciprocity as defined by the Oxford dictionary: "The practice of exchanging things or actions with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one individual to another" Note "mutual" benefit!

We both have to be getting enjoyment out of the exchange/relationship. Playing head games are not recommendable in the case of a Ram girl no matter what age. I absolutely cannot stand chasing a man I’m interested in. I’ll do it a few times but if you ignore me I will give up and forget you. And once I have a new object of affection (OOA) I don’t see you the same way. Second chances just don’t feel right to me either. If I give you one you mean a lot to me.

Acting uninterested and ignoring will be taken at face value and the Aries will be gone. I take mind games from a man as an insult as I am honest and straight forward (or brutally truthful however you want to see it). I’ll eventually see you as an idiot and go with someone interested that doesn’t consistently drain me with stupid cat/mouse, hot/cold, wants-me/wants-me-not BS.

If you love an Aries woman but don’t want to seem needy just be slightly distant but always interested at first until the relationship is defined. If you want to just fool around don’t lie just say so. If she wants the same then happy days you both can be consensual FWBs! Otherwise if she feels played she just might hurt you. Fiery as a description is an understatement. I’ve known of an Aries woman that assaulted her OOA when wronged. Think Sheena Warrior princess. Lol! A more passive one will just ice you out. And it’s a shame as a lot of Aries girls are awesome if you can overlook the temper. They can be the most candid, loving, fiercely loyal, sexy women you will ever meet. And once you lose her it will hurt to watch her be beautiful, strong and free without you…probably with someone else

Arian woman I don't back down unless I want to
by: The Savvy_Boss

I was mentally and physically mixed up with an Aquarian thought he was the man of my dreams marriage suffered bc of his arrival but I found he did the same thing! He got me all wrapped up into him and then started backing off. As an Aries I kept showing my interest but he made a mistake thinking I would keep waiting now that I'm out of his grasps he texts calls asking do I want to See him the answer is a flat out NO! When I was in the hook he should have acted accordingly. Now that my marriage is about over I'm into a dreamy pisces man and I DNT know what I am thinking but I can't shake him off my mind, I keep showing him I'm into him FINALLY giving him a chance since I never did in High School and what does he end of doing the same thing, disappearing! Lol!!! They don't know Arian women, I go after what I want but when I'm done well I'm DONE! No going back! I'm stuck as do I keep pursing this piscses guy or return to my Taurus husband. Oh the decisions we must make!

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