i am dating a Sagittarius guy and im a cancer

by Ashley
(Phoenix, az)

and things i think are going really well... I've been reading different things and it's saying that the two of us really are not meant to be.. which im only in high school... so I'm not really expecting to like live my whole life with him, idont want to think about that actually.. i just live for today... and am happy i have him all to myself <3 it's been a little over a month

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Experience with a Sagittarius Man (Pt 1)
by: Anonymous

I dated a sagittarius man and let me tell you...they are a totally different breed! They fall in love quickly but at the same time they still want their freedom. Yes, they are flirts and love eye candy. It takes a special person to deal with their personality. They can be extremely nice but at the same time be blunt and a total jerk. You have to be a strong woman who knows exactly what you They love to debate and have the final say so. They have to be involved in everything (has a comment abt everything). You cannot be a pushover, you have to stand your ground and you can't let your emotions get the best of you. At times, you will be suspicious of them bc of their flirty ways. He was quick to tell an obvious lie or was also trying to justify what he did. In his eyes, he perfect, he did nothing wrong. He still wanted to remain friends with old flames and thought there was not anythiing wrong with it. I had a problem with it. Yes, they can be stubborn/arrogant/mister know it all. They are always right and sometimes can be annoying. On the flip side, they will spoil you and basically give you whatever you want. I think that the fall in love too quickly and will rush into a relationship and will even mention mention marriage VERY early. But they still want to have that freedom like they are not quite ready to give up the bachelor life. It can be a double standard dealing with a sagittarius man. They beiieve in "do as I say-no as I do". They are very sexual and he liked to watch porn and masturbate (secretly). They have a very high sex drive and can fall weak to an attractive woman. They are extremely smart, goal oriented and take their careers VERY seriously. They are very spontaneous and loathe boredom!

Dating a Sagitarrius Man (Pt 2)
by: Anonymous

They love variety which can be make you wonder abt liking variety when it ocmes to women. They are very curious and open minded. They will not sit around to twiddle their thumbs. It is like they are kids looking for trouble to get into. Sometimes I think that they can be beautiful liars. Embellishing the truth is not a big deal to them. They have the "what you don't know won't hurt you" mentality. They do not think abt consequences, they live in the moment. Yes, they can have quick tempers and pout like a 5 year old. They are affectionate amd loving but it like if you ruffle their feathers....you will feel their wrath. Theya re smart so they are always trying to figure out a way to get away with something. They think that they are slick and can outsmart you. They love life and like to have fun. They are not homebodies. They love being in the mix, they love to socialize and entertain. I mean, I guess every person you deal with has their quirks. I think MOST men think alike. It cannot be narrowed down to an astrology sign; It is in their nature. At the same time, you have to be a STRONG woman who is not going to be passive. Once you shoed them that you can enjoy your life just as much and maybe even MORE....they will start to think that there are other men out there that will make you feel special. It is easier to trap bees with honey than it is with vinegar. So ladies, hold your head of high bc we are phenomenal and we make the world go round. Use your power and make things happen!!!!! We are beautiful so love the skin that you are in....EMBRACE IT!!!

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