I dated a Scorpio woman

I'm a Leo male. I had a relationship with a Scorpio woman but it turned into a big disaster. We were happy when we were together since she left to another country things got out of control. we broke up almost 1 month ago. The time spent with her was like paradise, but she chose to move on.

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Don't Be Surprised...
by: kilayla13

I am a scorpio women and my leo man is sleeping behind me, and I got to say... We scorpios think you guys are hopeless... its sad, because you guys are so strong and loving and amazing but we just get so annoyed and irritated with you guys that we hide our true feelings... I have to admit she loves you. but her true feelings don't last at all. only a scorpio woman who wants to make it work will stay with you, but if not then don't bother your amazing emotions with her, so forget her... I hope you find a amazing woman :3

Leos and Scorpios
by: Scorpio Woman

Was married to a Leo and you guys tend to be very controlling, and you cannot control us. Not sure if you are personally that way or not, but that's the one thing that I know that turns me off of Leos, and all the ones I know are like this, it's either their way or the highway, we say left, you say right...aggravating. You guys are lovable and pretty sociable, just the controlling has got to go.

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