i dated an Aries man


I will never date an Aries man again because they are very secretive, controlling, and love alot of women. Women take a like into them. They are mean (they don't give away anything, they love when you give them gifts but they dont give anything. This guy wasnt broght up, he was draged up, Am a virgo woman , who treat with guy with love and respect and he never make me feel as if he love me or if i was in a relationship, i am thirty and give my virgin to him and he did me bad, he just dumped me without any question, so in conclusion , Aries men are the worst men, they have no feeling for others, they only care about themselves, yes they love alot of sex, and expect you to bring it to them all the time.

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Taurus female ex boyfriend Aries
by: Anonymous

I agree with this: "secretive, controlling, and love alot of women."

My ex dumped me after 4 years and we lived together for 3, he loved women and the attention from them. He seeks out attention like a little puppy. He is a sad excuse of a man. He used me for his personal gain and once he got what he wanted he quit on our relationship, and became selfish in actions. He did me wrong yet is the one to call it off without explaining himself at first. Was very vague and I said I need closure, and that made him upset and question why I needed closure and couldn't just say okay to him dumping me and kicking me out the house.
He was secretive because he was talking to other girls and I became a detective and finding out the thruth and thats when he wanted to act all innocent. I can't believe I begged him to stay and said I'll change when its him who needs to learn you can tell someone you want to marry them and then a few weeks later start seeing someone else!!!

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