I found a clingy Aquarius man!

My Aquarius boyfriend wants to be with me every day, while I just want so much space myself! Why is he so clingy? It's so different about what they said here! He always cries when we're just separate for a short time , say holidays. He cried when I gave him my poems. He cried when he said he loved me. He cried when I said I loved him. He cried and told me that I am beautiful. He told me that he usually repress his feeling . but with me, he can express them all. How strange!

At least he understand now that I need my space , otherwise I'll go crazy! At first, when I told him that , he will sulk. However, I proved to him that it is an absolute MUST for a Scorp by acting so moody. Because, damn it, I need space to breathe! Love me but set me free as well!

So yeah, Aqua can be just as clingy, emotional and needy as any sign.

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clingy Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

I think that your Aquarian man is so clingy with you and expresses his feelings so much because he has never done it before. Imagine having to hold in all of your feelings and emotions for a lifetime, then you find someone that shows you a different life. He has a lot of love to give and a lot of pinned up emotion to share. It is good to hear that he has finally been set free emotionally. My Aquarian beau has been doing the same lately. We have been in each others lives for over a year now. After explaining to him how I was brought up in love and why I express myself, he does the same now. It was a long time coming and a lot of work. Patients is the key to maintaining a relationship with an Aquarian man. As a Scorpio women, it has been work to express to my Aquarian that I need attention and why. I have to break things down for him to understand though. He is way to analytical and reads into what I say too much, so I have to say what I have to say then explain why. Me being patient has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I learned how to control my feelings and I have taught my Aquarian how to express love and affection. Now my Aquarian wants me to be involved with almost every part of his life, now that he knows I have his best interest at heart. I still have to remind him when I need more attention and he gives it to me. For the women that has the Aquarian that finally has reached his emotional peak, now you must exercise your patients in a different way. He will grow tired of smothering you once he knows you are there to stay. He is like a baby again, feeling and experiencing new things.

found a clingy Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

My sincere thanks to the person who answered my question about why the aqua boyfriend being clingy. However, the problem was that I was the one who came from a broken family and I'm a distant person myself. I used to talk and make jokes a lot when I was little , but now I just am quiet and reserved.In fact, I make new friends easily but can't keep them for long or have any deep connection because I'll always need my space and "lazy" to contact friends.

On the other hand, my boyfriend is coming from a loving family and he's affectionate but reserved too! He does hug people a lot more than I do, but he never shows anyone his emotion just like me.In another word, I guess I'm just a weird , cold and broken soul , or maybe lost my soul along time ago. I'm not sure anymore. Sometimes , I wonder if I should break up with him because I just feel very cold and depressed in relationship. It might be the wounds I carry from childhood and past relationships....

I found a clingy Aquarius man
by: Anonymous

You are welcome for the clingy boyfriend advice. I hope that you address your past issues so that you can receive all of the love he has for you. I feel for you, as I was brought up in a family that expressed lots of love all of the time. My Aquarian man however did not get that. I suggest that you get help as soon as possible so that you can really start to live your life the way it is intended. I too was abused in a sexual way for years as a young child. I first had to face what happened and grieve. I helped me move on. I hope you get the help you need, my heart goes out to you. Appreciate that wonderful man you have in your life. Trust me good men a few and far between, if you have one cherish him.

by: Virgo with an Aquarian male

I must say that my Aqua man sounds much like what I have read on here but also much different. He is an aqua/pieces cusp so I get to deal with 2 signs really. From day one we have been in contact online (how we met)everyday for a year and a half. We are always on messengers and he lets me know much of the time what he is doing if he is going out with friends or is working or whatever he has going on in his life. I know that he doesnt tell me everything and I accept that. When he is out he will often text me out of the blue on what is going on and call to keep in touch. I am pretty sure that he is sincere in all his actions and patience and space is the key with this man.

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