I like being a Pisces Man

by Ben

As a Pisces and as a man I am aware of the qualities set for my sign. In no way do I disagree with these. Ever since I was a little boy, I was searching for the answers as to why I am the way that I am. I was confused on to why I am so sensitive; why I tear up at the slightest hint that someone or something is in pain; why I can sense others emotions without them having to do or say anything; and mostly, why I find it difficult to find a partner who loves and respects me.

As a Pisces and at only 23 I have been taken advantage of by a multitude of women. This is to be expected, but at my young age I have fallen in love twice. Both times I was crushed, and I am still grieving these losses to this day. Confused and absolutely devastated, I began looking for answers as to why I was so easy to forget. I came across nothing. After 6 years and two broken hearts I began researching my zodiac sign. I was amazed. Totally amazed as to how accurate all of these classifications were.

I began reading off these traits... thinking "God, I am everything here. A Dreamer, Intuitive, sensitive, artistic, irresponsible with money, and a total lush when it comes to love." I began feeling better about myself. I began to throw myself into myself... meaning, I started loving myself for who I was... and that was a Pisces. I started following my dreams and I am currently an aspiring author.

I still haven't found love, but I'm okay with that. I realize that the women who have hurt me in the past are all just part of my path to finding my real soul-mate. Although, I can honestly say I was head-over-heels in love with both girls (my high school sweetheart, and most recently, my college sweetheart) and that both of them broke my heart and almost ruined my life altogether, I can honestly say that I am stronger from these experiences. And the only reason I can say these things is because of my sign.

I now know who I am and why I am here, and I can thank the accurate and whimsical powers of the Zodiac for this.

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by: Drew


by: Anonymous

yes that describes me so well i too am 23 and have had my heart broken twice once with my highschool sweetheart, i currently take care of my two daughters on my own and life is really hard, still look back at when i used to love life, ive lost everyone ive ever loved and all i left are my two little girls, its them, they keep me sane

good luck to you other pisces guys peace!

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