I like this Aquarius guy

I have this problem I like this Aquarius guy. I recently got his number I have no idea what to say to him. I really like him. I want to know how he feels about me. There is an age gap. I want him to chase after me any ideas? How do I get him to open up?

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Call him and talk for < 5 minutes :)
by: Anonymous

Don't flirt too much at the start. Be fun and light-hearted. You will have to be there for him but stick to your ground at the same time. They don't chase after you but they don't like clinginess or neediness. Just show that you want to include them in your life in a subtle way...if this guy is into you, he'll let you in.

by: Anonymous

Thanks. Like we talk and all,but I mean I have no idea what to do. He's friendly and all. So I can't tell anymore. He got my facebook and cell too. So any more advice. Thanks so much.

by: AGuy

Don't flirt with him; don't tell him how you feel; don't show any signs of interest or he will bolt.

Be his friend but flirt with other guys. Aquarius guys like to be challenged. Don't give us anything on a plate, if we want you we will work for it. You need to make yourself a big enough challenge for an Aquarius guy to show his interest in you.

don't flirt with other guys
by: Anonymous

No, don't flirt with other guys. he'll think your interested in them and he's not one to fight for his lady. Just be frieendly with everybody. They are social so they will appreciate that you are social.

What to do (answer)
by: Im an aquarius man

Talk to him in msn, so he'll feel comfortable . Ask him what music does he like.. talk about life stuff. send videos etc. xD.. ASK his opinion and show him that u care about his opinion. Make him laugh, he loves to talk and laugh... and then.. some time after, invite him to go to a cinema .. but please. dont let he thinks its only because of him, but because of the movie subject !


Something similar
by: Coyote

I'm going through the same thing except reverse. There is an age gap, a fairly large one for my age group, and so far the advice has been correct. My Aquarian instinct is: If a girl likes me, she'll be up front and blunt. If she won't say anything and i'm not sure, I'll be friendly and see where it goes. If she flirts with other guys, i'll sit back and strike up a conversation with someone else. Aquarians, that i've tended to notice not just myself, are a little bit possessive but not vocal about it. We don't fight for girls unless they are our girlfriends/wives, and when it comes to those nobody messes with them without us and if need be our army of friends. We are loyal if we care about you and it is a genuine relationship, not just one of convenience or sex-based. We desire intellectual conversation, frequent sexual experimentation, and also the ability to go do whatever with our buddies and not have to worry about whether you'll be mad at us or not. We appreciate space, but never forget that you'll always be on our minds. After we've been kicking it with our buddies for a while generally we'll want you there with us ;)

no tricks
by: Aquaman

For God sake, don't try to get him to chase after you, he will probably smell the mind game right away and shut down on you.
Also flirting with other guys will do the same thing.
Let him know you're interested though, just don't throw yourself at him.....say something like, "You seem different than most guys".
This will immediately peak his interest!
Obviously he will ask something like is that a good thing or a bad thing, and of course you would say, It's a good thing, then let it be.
He asked a straight question, you gave a straight answer....no mind games!
Now what you've done is let him know you're interested in him, you think he is different, and believe me, we like to be different!!!
Once he knows you're interested, he will already know if he is interested in you or not, it may take a little while to see, but if he is, he WILL allude to it through probing your mind.
What he finds there will determine if it continues, the vest thing to do is be yourself once you've established interest.
If you've never spoken before, I mean even through facebook or email or anything, you could come right out of left field and ask him; "If you were driving at the speed of light, and you turn your headlights on, would they do anything"?
Aquas like light, fun, and stuff that makes us think.
We also like far out people, and that's a far out question. Man I could go on forever, but try this, you'll see.

just to confirm
by: aquarian male

Wow as an Aquarius male I'm glad to know its not only me. Until about six years ago I wasn't into astrology or know I was Aquarius, yet after delving in it explains so much of my past. So for ladies I'll give a real life incident painting my reactions to the situation. In my early 20's (30 now), a young college female persued me. It was built up by mutual friends (bad idea, I already knew what to expect). She tried to seduce me by watching tv on her bed (I smelt that a mile off no pun intended), and made the mistake of telling me her previous boyfriend was so huge it felt like she was getting lanced (so I know what other toys she's played with and her reaction taking more mystery away). Now well past three strikes she gets mad that I refuse her advances. I get tricked by her friend to go pick up some things from another friends apartment (a whole group of friends it seems are in on this). Surprise she happens to be there and goes outside yells at me for avoiding her and tries to pin me down and kiss me. It ends bad. A while later after it dies down I'm hanging out with her and a conversation strikes. I'm feeling comfortable and letting go then she tells me I'm the strangest person she has met and that is not a compliment(insult my individuality). Any wondering didn't work out?

Date The Aquarian
by: Hazal

OMG! Before , I've dated this Aquarian , which I wasn't interested in him. (Am a Sagittarius sign , Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius Venus and libra mars). I tricked him ... Although, at some point in the relationship , I told him that I wasn't interested in him anymore , and was sad . (obviously)....
He wanted me back and this is the key!
You obviously want an aquarian back ....
To do this , you need to get his attention and be like ' hey , how are you?' . They like people who start convosation first.

Don't be shy , *pushes towards aquarian*
Speak up to them in a FRIENDLY WAY!!!!!!!!
Good luck...

Inlove with my aqua
by: Alice

If he likes you ,he'll chase after you without you doing anything... trust me .. my boyfriend is typical aquarius and he did it all by himself .... but if you dont see any reation from him .. he is probably testing you around first before taking any move towards you .. they are veey smart and they can easiky see through your actions and they can figure your intentions easiky so just be yourself ... be smart .. be collected in your manners and dont show interests in too many guys but instead if you do ahow interest in some guys make it seem like you aamre interested of some special traits about them or their talents or special skills ... he'll notice that you arent intersted in the guys themselves but in something intellectual and unique ... aquaruis dont like shallowness
and if there is anything you do of any of these things he'll start questioning you to see how you think and he'll ask you what do you think in certain matters that case show your true opiniin cus they like that and they can tell when you are faking it ...
Good luck aquaruis males are wonderful .. although they are cold but wait until they fall for you you'd be amazed how sensitive they can get .. I love and respect my aqua man and he dos the same for me .. they are gentlemen indeed ... dont forget to keep your emotions checked but also share them with him :)
Good luck ... + if you want him you'll embrace his coldness

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