I love being a Scorpio woman!

by Paloma

I am a Scorpio woman, and I have to say, I love being one! If I was any other star sign I know that I probably wouldn't accept who I am! To all those people out there reading this, Scorpio Women are: Moody, Stubborn, Possessive, Loyal, Caring and Mysterious, but don't let that steer you away from them! I think that men need to understand us more. I mean, we aren't shy or cold or unemotional. We need someone who will love us for who we are, surprise us and shower us in love! Many men don't do that, because they fear we will end the relationship if they don't give us what we want, but that's not true! We love with our hearts-and souls! And we don't want someone who'll follow us around like a lost puppy dog or to make a relationship boring, oh no we hate that.

I love being a Scorpio woman, and I want someone who will love me more than any other guy out there. Will a Pisces and Cancer hit the mark in love with a Scorpio woman or Man? I'm not sure, but I am willing to try anything, to even wait my whole life before I find my soul-mate!

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To Paloma
by: Anonymous

I'm a perfect Virgo woman, the Virgin, strong, loyal with lots of loves and cares. I have been involve with a Scorpio man who I never expected to be known. I believe Scorpio is lacking of love from a relationship. I never been follow this kind of Scorpio but he did follow me until I fall in his arm. I'm a very stubborn Virgo; I feel I'm too low that I can't get away from a Scorpio man who has a desire and crave for sex; I have no intention to have sex with him but to explore his inner feelings. I knew he doesn't want anything but shower him with loves; who cares?? What is "LOVE?" Love is not the only SEX alone. SEX means you are very pleased or satisfy with the person. Loves can mean a lot more.
I'm not the only good looking as Virgo-honest; very loyal, understand, and care to the point that he follows me; it my nature, as Virgo. Anyway, I try to forget and move on; I bet he goes down to hell for he is ignored his-a huge sin; consequence, and will pass to his children so on.... He can play game with someone but not me, Virgo.

Re; I love being a Scorpio woman!
by: Hope

Hi Paloma,

I love being a Scorpio as well. The right man will indeed come along with the right moon, mars, and venus. He will be delighted at the kink of all-emcompassing love you intend to give him. He will love you back in all the ways that you need.

He will understand the true motivations behind your behaviors, and adore you for them.

Best wishes.

I Love being a Scorpio Woman also

I have to agree..I love being a Scorpio woman! I have been accused of some things, but I can tell you FOR SURE that being ' WISHY WASHY' was not ever among them..lol. I desire that depth, that 'realness' and if you are interested in being shallow or superficial..you are wasting my time.And
I do not like wasting my time on a man that is not
REALLY interested in me....I am not speaking of marrying me two days after we meet; what I am referring to is : if you are not "into me"..and making an effort, then please do not bother with me.
Relationships require effort, time , and thought..I am as interested in the ' intellectual/ mind" part of a man , as much as anything else..and once you stop intriguing me in that way...well, lets just say I will be bored.A ADORE A MAN WITH A BRAIN AND A
My very first love, said something to me that I did not ever forget..: he said" Scorpio women are THE BEST'...he may have a valid point there....

to Paloma
by: Anonymous

I agree fully with u! I love being a Scorpio woman as well...and some men are afraid to be with a Scorpio woman because we have high standards and expectations when it comes to the person we decide to fall in love with. Only few men have the advantage of getting with a Scorpio woman.

I totally agree
by: scorpio

I totally agree! I'm a scorpio and I would have it no other way. People always say that I'm one of "thoughs" girls because when I commit to a relationship I commit. But it's part of who I am , I always figure out my boys in a few seconds and if they aren't willing to be part of my life as a whole then I say goodbye because men who are too easy are too boring and I like my boys to make a game out of my relationship but to know when it's time to be serious. All I want is to find the one not the perfect one just the one and for him to love me.

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