i love my pisces man

by claire

I am a scorpio woman who has been dating a pisces man for the past 9 months, before him i had a 15 yr relationship with a very dull capricorn man. Never have a i felt such devotion and love now i am with my pisces man we truly are soulmates and tell each other lots, more than ive ever told anyone. Scorpio women are caring,loving and very deep. I connect so well with my pisces man and am due to have his baby next year in april. To all you scorpio ladies out there find yourself a pisces man you will not be disappointed.

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Not in my world
by: Ray

I am dating a Pisces man and I am sick of him. I keep reading that this is a great union, but I don't see it. He's so full of it and he lies so much. If it wasn't for the mind blowing sex, I wouldn't even talk to him anymore.

by: Anonymous

wow I totally agree with you on the Capricorns being dull. They really are..married to one for 9 years and im a scorpio myself. Im going crazy with all the boredness...

by: Anonymous

sorry i am scorpio but i don't like pisces man i can't make any friendship or realtionship with pisces, when ever i talk to them sudenly we leave and we can't be with eachother, i think coprycorn is much better all my friends are coprycorn..but i don't like of coprycorn that he can't fell in love easly but he is awesome for me.

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