I miss my Leo guy! Am I crazy?

by BleuLibra
(Atlanta, Ga)

I'm a Libra woman and it feels so crazy finally admitting to this but, I am in love with my Leo guy. He is damn near perfect, everything you could want in a man. He says that he is not an emotional guy, but I have seen somewhat of a sensitive side from him. I love everything about this man; the way he walks, talks, dress and sex (I find that we all have this in common) the sex is amazing. I have been with a few good men in my life time but he takes the cake the icing and the ice cream in that dept. He is 1st man I can enjoy having sex with without having to take a drink (says a lot about my sex life... uuhhgg!). He's sweet, honest, intelligent, an excellent father and he knows GOD. We are taking steps in our Christian walk together. He knows the bible pretty well. I have so much respect for him as a man (we all know how important that is) There are a few obstacles that are keeping us from being exclusive. 1st there is this love/hate relationship that he has with his son's mother/girlfriend. For some reason I don't feel threatened by it... not too much of a big deal to me. I may sound a bit naive but, we have this bond that can't seem to be broken no matter how much time passes. We always pick up right where we left off. The 2nd obstacle is he made some decisions in his past that caught up with him and landed him in prison for about 9 or 10 months. It's not long but its long enough and I miss him like crazy. We write each other often but it's not enough. I need to touch him, hear his voice, feel his body next to mine, his breath on my cheek, his lips upon mine, I need to look into those large captivating eyes. Damn! I got it bad.

His consistent honesty is the reason why I respect him. There have been so many moments where I could have caught him in a lie but because he told me before hand I was able to say "I already knew that or he told me". He's very loyal which is a great quality, so when I do win him I doubt if I will have any worries because our feeling are mutual. His words "I have had my share of women, but I have never met a woman like you. I don?t know what it is. Something about you is different. You can have any man you want to take care of you, but you choose to work for yours. I feel like I can talk to you about anything and we can talk for hours. I find myself starring into your eyes thinking you are such a sweetheart." (melting) I miss my sweetie, can't wait until he comes home.

Am I crazy? I would love to hear from a Leo man (libra ladies your opinion is valued as well however, it is good to hear a mans opinion on matters such as love.)

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by: Anonymous

Yes, you are CRAZY! Seems Mr. Perfect is not so perfect. He's a jail bird and he is also busting his ex wifes yin yang. Hmmmm! I'm trying hard to find the Christian path Mr. Perfect is walking in all of this. Who cares what sign he is? Why the hell would you want to date a convicted felon? Mr. Convicted Felon will also be spending a great deal of his $$$$$ on child support? Oh wait, Mr. Daddy Do Good is behind bars and from my understanding the pay ain't so hot as your Mr. Perfect....right?
Maybe, now this is just maybe...Young Lady needs to stop being so CRAZY and find herself a nice, decent fellow? Don't you deserve that?

I hear ya fellow Libra
by: Yummy

I miss my Leo man too! I do not think you are crazy at all. I often feel that people that think you are crazy often don't understand the depth of this type of connection. I felt so connected to my Leo but I have learnt after getting out of the situation that there was a connection and that I was crazy too. I acutally went into a very DEEP depression.

The challange with us Libra women is we look at things with rose-coloured lenses. We love to be in love but we do not look at everything. My Leo was the first guy I dated that didn't have a job, smoked (both), and had no direction in life. But, somehow I ignored all that because the way he made me feel was AWESOME!

I think that's just it. Leos know how to make a Libra feel special and can connect on so many levels.

All I can say is love and day dream about the memories.

My lil experience
by: Cynthia

This Leo guy claims that he likes everything about me - my morals and values, my conduct etc. Since we got talking,chemistry struck... Our convos just seem to flow, and its really great!there hasnt been one time that he has been disrespectful to me - not one time! He spoils me with words, he's very attentive with small details and he sacrifices his time just for me, which is really amazing!
One thing however - they can be quite stubborn and no matter how many times you show them options 1,2 and 3... They'll always go for the one THEY want... So sometimes you feel as if youve wasted your time talking him into something better.
But on the bright side, he really makes me feel like a 'Princess'
Im meeting him tomorrow evening for the first time, and I just hope that he's as amazing as he is through the phone with me - I dont want him to be my boyfriend and ive told him that (because i dont think im ready), but he said ''I'll respect you for that, and I want you to be that friend that I never had - ''

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