I miss my Leo man

Im STILL in love with a LEO man, there's not a day or night I go without thinking about him. our relationship ended when I left him for a guy that wasn't worth my time, and it truly made me discover how much I was IN LOVE with my Leo. the year that I dated my LEO I was in home school, the next year I decided to go back to school. after leaving him for a guy, my Leo man wouldn't give up on me, he did everything to get me back... I fell straight back into his arms. the next year I decided to go back to school, so I ended the relationship because I didn't want to end up leaving school again, I said to him, "if its meant to be it will happen, just be patient" meaning that when I finish college, and we still had the sparks then fate would come in again, and I'd have back the love of my life. you see the thing is I have finished school, and been dating another guy for 3 years now and everyday we fight and I cant stand him, everyday I compare him to my Leo man, and I think an d hope that im going to dream about him. im still very much in love with my Leo man, I believe that somehow someway we'll be together again, we're soul mates. and if I was strong enough to stay with him at school, we'd still be together now and I believe forever.

im now dating a Gemini and he's not for me.. there are many things I love about him but there's many more I hate... I miss my Leo man, I hope he comes back to me one day ='(

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I miss my Leo man
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpion woman with a Leo man, and have been together for 2 months. It was magnetic when we met, and he made me laugh and I was confident and happy. We argue more than talking and laughing now. I feel I am being controlled but he says he is the man and I should do what I am told or what he says. Small things like where he wants to go, what he wants to do and even the things we watch on TV are all decided by him. I was extremely happy for the first few weeks, our love making was out of this world and still is, I feel that the mind and soul connection has disappeared as much as I try to cuddle and love my man, he doesn't show me anything back. There were a lot of coincidences about our meeting that was too amazing to just be random. I feel that as a deep and emotional, sometimes insecure Scorpio woman that my Leo man does not understand or want to understand what it is really, that I am upset or down about. I know I have given a lot to him the problem now is that I am not getting anything in return. As much as I would like this to work, I just cant see that we are compatible and love each other enough as we said we do to make it.

I Feel Your Pain
by: Brooklyn

OH MY GOSH!! This is almost my same story... :( I left my Leo man too, for a loser Capricorn !! He kept comming back and back.. and i just kept turning him down.. It was the worst mistake of my life. I started crying reading your story, and here i go again..... I really hope everything works out for you because i know how you feel.. :( sighh

am a virgo dating a leo guy
by: Anonymous

i love my leo guy so much and he always assures me of his undiluted love for me too but i still don't feel secure because some of his behaviors are suspicious, i feel he is cheating on me especially when i saw his ex.girlfriend sitting comfortably in his office chatting with him i asked him he said she came for business though the girl was doing nothing.the worst was i paid him a surprise visit and found out that he changed 'MY LOVE' which he used to store my name in his mobile phone to my native raw name! please help and advice me on what to do cos i think he's cheating!

Cancer woman that just left a leo man and I am pregnant from him
by: Anonymous

He is cheating on you if he changed the name from MY LOVE to your name...Thats a sign of a change in his heart for you...

My ex leo has an online chatting addiction with women...They just dont feel a challenge anymore once they got you...

Now they want someone else to stalk..

So I hve decided to move on.. Because I will not be with him if I'm not his number#1

I willnot allow my children to see him cheat on me, lie to me, or any unhappiness between us.

If he stoped trying then so did I..Life goes on...

To Miss Brooklyn
by: Anonymous

Hello there Miss Brooklyn.
I just read your message and it made me wish my scorpio girl would call and want me back.I`m an Australian and she is from California.I have been stabbed in my heart and soul!I have sent a couple of lengthy emails,to my beautiful girl,truthfully telling her of my commitment and love for her and have told her over the phone.I sent her roses and have tried to give her space but she is being so cold.I have been totally faithful and was planning on asking her to marry me when i returned.I even have the ring!Devastated doesn`t come close to describing my pain.I pray for the higher power to bring her back to me and i hope you can find your leo man too.Try to find him!You might be pleasantly surprised.I`ll bet he still wants you.Good luck.

a virgo dating a leo guy
by: Anonymous

after changing the "MY LOVE" i comfronted him he said i did something wrong i called his boy friend who comfirmed that i did nothing wrong later i saw his ex mobile no in his phone and asked him he slaped me denying he didnt store the number in his phone and called my girlfriend who comfirmed that it might be true that he didn't store the number himself he said his ex came to his office and used his mobile to make a call before he could finish talking he has started crying shedding tears sayind that i don't trust him! what should i do? am really going nutts! and i love him dearly! HELP!!!

miss my leo so much it hurts
by: sleepless in st louis

Im a taurus/gemini cusp... dated a leo for about 10 months. It was the best sex Ive EVER had. The relationship was so intense that it was sometimes scary!!!
We broke up a month ago but I miss him SOOO much
I feel like I've been hexed or something cause I can't get him out of my system.
I want him back, any ideas on how to get a LEO man back?

to miss sleepless in st louie
by: aussie leo

Firstly i think you need to realise that this man is just wanting to be loved like everyone else.We are all different and come with baggage of some sort, but if you really love someone you can work that out.LOVE RULES ALL!!! Not all leo`s are egomaniacs and many mistake our carefree outlook as childish.But i tell you this, when the person they love is in peril or need you won`t find too many leo`s laying idle.Write him a letter from your heart.Tell him what the relationship means to you and don`t hold back!To love means to give your all.Never be ashamed of giving your all for love.It will strike a cord with him,believe me.Then it`s just time!Good luck.

I miss my leo man too!!!
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I fell for my leo man. On the first date. Even though I haven't heard from him since, I'm still waiting for him to come back to me soon.

Taurus gf leaves Leo bf
by: Another Leo Guy

Now you know what you missed and you blew it! My Taurus GF left me too because she wanted to try her luck working in another country. I was there for her, spending so much time and resources just to make the long distance relationship work. Then she accuses me of pulling her down on her dreams because of some circumstances that made her feel I gave her bad luck. So I had to set her free. I hurts so much but now I know, I'm nobody to her even if we had been together for 2 1/2 years. It saddens me to realize how selfish she is and can afford to throw away what we have. Well sh** happens.

I can feel how much she misses me and I feel the same, but until she finds herself, only time would tell if our paths would cross again.

want my leo man back
by: Anonymous

m a taurian woman

want my leo man back
by: sensuous taurian

m a taurian woman in a relationship with leo man for 6 years.we were living in different states for about 3 years and then decided to live together.we were living in for a year and then he tells me that he doesnt love me anymore,he has moved on and so he wants me to leave him.i found out that he is secretly chatting with another girl who he doesnt really know n is trying to build a new relationship with her.she is in a different state so theey only chat over the phone.iv tried to make him undestand that i still love him n that i want him to come back to me.he always refuses me n has asked me to leave the house. I have not been able to move on n forget him.i just want him back, there is so much attachment that i just cannot disregard.he is behaving very rude and cunning,he is not giving me any attention at all.we are livingunder the same roof but he does not even looking at me.i want to know how to get him back as m determined to do anything to get my guy back.i to try my best n then its fate.please reply with your views n suggestions.

To miss sensuous taurus
by: Aussie Leo

The action you must take is very clear.Without saying another word,pack your things and move out immediately.Do not say a single word.Silence is a winning killer in these situations.Your leo man may not show any interest in what you are up to,but you can bet it will drive him mad not knowing a thing and seeing that you are not playing games and have moved on and left him with it.But be organized!Go Bang!Move out swiftly and leave no information.NOTHING!!! Then just regain your dignity and your life and wait.My bet is he will fall off his high horse and not be able to deal too well with the rejection.But if he does try to contact you,ignore him and let him squirm in the ignorance he displayed to you.Do not take this guy back without really thinking about how easily he dismised you.Power to you girl.

miss leo ..im aries girl
by: aries 89

Omg...i need help
Im a Aries girl seeing a married leo.
When i first meet him I was 14 and he was 18. we went out for about 1 year. It got to the point that he is talking about getting married with me. And I was so young and I got scared and I left him. 5 years later I find him on the internet. we start talking tells me he's married and has a kid. And that he's not happy marriage. and that I have my daughter and I'm not happy with my relationship either. and now still to this day we're still talking. He tells me he still in love with me that he wants to be with me. the only thing that's holding him back is his daughter he feels she is not gonna be safe.. he wants me to wait a little bit longer until mishe gets older. it so difficult for me because I have 2 kids myself. I understand the situation. It doesn't matter if I stop talking to him he always comes back. I'm too hard headed to be patient I don't know how much longer I can wait for him.when were together i feel like im in a dream we just connect so easy. I just try to resist how i feel from him he always makes the first move. And it drives me crazy.i just turned 23 and hes going to be 27.. I think this sounds stupid but he's born july 29th and I'm born march 29th.

to aussie leo
by: Anonymous

hi! have been with an aussie leo for 3 years, he dumped me for the second time now that i told him i want kids from him... is it what REAL aussie leos are like? hmmmm....

Hurt but still hopeful....I don't know why?
by: Anonymous

Ok so I was with my Leo guy for almost a year things got rocky towards the end he broke it off with me the night before my birthday with the whole "its not you its me me" crap. A few days later I see him posed up online with another girl my heart was crushed all the while we were still talkin (we had a long distance reltionship) and he was being sooooo sincere making me believe we would get back together....I wrote him a very lengthy email and in it I disclosed a secret (nothing of infidelity b/c I was 1000% faithful) he then deleted and blocked me from all social networks we were friends on...we left without an explaination of who this girl was...I'm beyond hurt but as an strong Aries female I REFUSE to give in I wasn't wrong or at least I don't feel as though I was. I miss him something awful I often wonder if he misses me or even thinks of me what we had was beyond what the zodiac compatibility states we had magic and now its all gone. I don knoe where we went wrong but if given an opportunity I'd take him back even though my family would have things to say bit who cares im an adult 21+ and I don't think I'll ever love someone as hard or deep as him. Maybe in time we'll cross paths or at least im hoping so. I do miss and love hom!

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