I need Advice....Scorpio and Taurus Intense Friendship

by Carolle

I am a Scorpio woman who met the most amazing man ever about 2 years ago. He is a Taurus. I had not been in a relationship for several years and was not looking when this happened. I met him through work and instantly had a very strong connection. Our friendship over the past 2 years has grown to be a very strong emotional bond. He is married, and not happy and we both realize that it is what it is. We did cross the line with some heavy and intense kissing about a year ago and quickly realized it was the wrong thing to do. I have tried to cut him out of my life because of my feelings for him, but he keeps saying he will not allow me to get rid of him and when we don't talk or communicate, we both are truly miserable. Neither one of us can imagine life without the other and I don't want to loose him, but am so confused. I have dated a few guys and am not sitting around thinking something may come of this and am not putting my life on hold for him, but I cannot stand the thought of not having him in my life, whether it be friends or more. We have confessed to each other how we truly feel, which is extremely deep and strong for each other and the more I pull away the more he comes forward. Why is it we share this deep connection? Has anyone experienced this before? It is so deep that I can be totally focused on what I am doing and I all of a sudden get this strange vibe, stop what I am doing think of him and my phone will ring and it is him, it is crazy I know. BTW we do not live near each other, but are in constant contact. I have never in my life experienced a connection with anyone in my life like this, but I have never had any connection with a Taurus before either, is it his sign?

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there is indeed an indescribable strong connection
by: Anonymous

Well..am a scorpion(woman)and am datin a taurian man...even i feel a strong connection with him...and can totally understand your problem but sorry no suggestions as am not married till now!!

Does he?
by: Anonymous

Does he say what is going on at home with him? Is there trouble? Is the marriage likely to end? I wish you the best. Sucks for you, this waiting.

by: Anonymous

I am going thru the same thing i am also a scorpio women intrested in a taurus man he is not married but in a relationship of 10 yrs and is not happy. i feel so bad for him as a friend because he is such a good man.but when we showed intrest in eachother and shared several passionate and long lasting kisses the scorpio in me said take him now she doesnt diserve him. but im tryin to continue to b a good person but this attraction is so strong i cant think around him. tho he is not perfact he is a great person and i want to see him happy I would love if its with me tho. I DONT KNOW IM LOST AND CONFUSED AS WELL HELP!

i kno how u feel
by: michelle

Yes ima scorpio bday nov 21 and his bday may 7 n I know exactly how u feel with thinkin about all the time..n can't explain the chemistry..and sleepless I stya tryna to pull away he always comes around

same situation, have its ending.
by: violette

i have the same situation as yours. he came into my life when i have already attached to a pisces guy,i instantly fall for him, a taurean man. and i, myself is a scorpio girl. he makes my world went much beautiful with his charm and this definitely makes me falls deeper. after a while knowing him, with constant contact from him throughout my relationship with my ex pisces until i felt my relationship was too boring. i ended up the relationship because i dont have the heart to stay in the relationship but my love is for someone else. the taurean guy i fall for have the same feelings as mine and he confessed it, treat me like his girl even when im with someone else. but it happens for about three months. i dont like to be treated with unsure relationship status, i want a more serious attachments with him, but he refused. he said he loves me but he cant be in a relationship. after that, we get together and now we are both happy with our relationship. hope that you will come clean with him and do some little pushing on him. i did it on him, it works.

Scorpio woman Taurus man match made in heaven!
by: Anonymous

I totally understand. I'm a Scorpio woman I met my Taurus man in high school. I've never felt so close with Anyone. We're inseparable. Our relationship is so weird. After graduation in June 2011 we didn't see each other much. But we text and stay in contact non stop. Even without seeing each other on the daily basis we're so in love. The bond is unbreakable. I've known him for three years we have been dating for two years. This year we have been having a little trouble and we are currently broken up right now. But as mad as we may get at each other the love and the strong connection is still there. I think the problem is that we aren't seeing each other I haven't seen him since January 9th 2012. It's almost been a year. I've just recently moved to another state. I know that once we're together again then theres really no separating us.

Same here!
by: Anonymous

I hear ya loud and clear! I recently met a Taurus man, and I'm a Scorpio woman. Neither one of us were "looking" for anything, but OMG....we are experiencing the same level of intensity. Within 3 days of only texting, we started having very intense unexplainable feelings for each other. And being a Scorpio, I DO NOT trust people most of the time...but dang, this guy is blowing me out of my "norm" in every way. He got under my skin and in my heart within an insanely short period of time. It scared the hell out of me cuz I don't let people "in" easily or in a short period of time, in fact not one other man has been let in this fast. BUT...the intensity of feelings between us is INCREDIBLE, my head is spinning and so is his, we ask each other what is happening regularly. And at the same time, it all feels so RIGHT, we can't deny any of it. We met finally after a month or so, and it was like coming home...I can't think of a better way to explain it. I was not nervous, quite the opposite, which shocked me cuz us Scorpios are always leary of people's motives until we know we can trust, which never comes easy for us. Until him. So, to answer your question, YES, this is happening to others in this Zodiac match, no it's not just you, and yes, it is AMAZING and unexplainable. I know I tend to have a strange almost telepathic connection with many others, like how you explained the phone ringing thing - I do that ALL THE TIME with those I'm close to. That may be moreso just your Scorpio characteristic, I don't know if we send out vibes that others pick up on, or we receive vibes from others...or both perhaps? If anyone else has anything to comment on that, I would be very appreciative, because it happens like clockwork, and I would LOVE to know where it comes from. Good luck in your situation, you sound excited like I do about my Taurus man! Best of wishes for you both!

Taurus Girl, Scorpio Girl
by: Anonymous

I am going through something very similar, where there was an instant connection although he is in a relationship.
We text constantly, and neither of us seem to be able to stop. We have sort of touched on the idea that we may like each other more than friends, but I don't see how it will become anything else as I am not gonna try anything as he is already taken, and he said the same thing. I am trying not to like him more than a friend, but it doesn't help when he is constantly giving me compliments, and I see him at work.

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