I pushed a Capricorn too far.

by Sarah
(miami Florida )

I met this Capricorn on pof we email each other 2 or 3 x a day .. He wanted to meet me badly. So I when & met him I fell in love with him right then & there. He had beautiful blue round eyes. I could tell he was nervous cause he wouldn't stay still. Anyway he had told me that he hasn't made love in 11 months not cause he didn't find it but cause he didn't want to cause he had to like someone to have sex I told him I love kissing and he told me him too but not just anyone either. Anyway back to the meeting that day we where talking & suddenly he grabbed me & kissed me OMG what a kiss it was heaven he had really a yummy mouth fat lips beautiful lips. We started kissing & suddenly my jeans went flying & we started making love OMG OMG it felt like the first time, incredible, AMAZING... never in my life it was passionate erotic heaven on earth. So I left & emailed him right after I left. I loved it, it was good. He emailed me back & said yes it was good. So I got home and email him again I like him a lot. He emailed me in the morning. Good morning. Then I never heard again from him so at night I send him a email saying why hasn't he gotten in touch with me again. The next day nothing. I got mad. I thought he used me for sex & wrote him a bunch of stupid emails. He emailed me right away & told me he likes me too & I was nice but I was acting like a psycho & to STOP emailing him. That he doesn't check his emails every hr & he works different schedules cause he's a financial forensic for the d.e.a investigation and sometimes he would sleep for days cause he would works nights & days straights. That he would call me Sunday and stop with the crazy psycho emails or he wouldn't see me anymore if I didn't stop. OMG I'm a Sagittarius girl. I got so MAD I was furious so I send him another email & told him no wonder he was 39 and never gotten married. That it was his nasty attitude cause he was a great lover & blah blah blah. Last I told him next time he was horny instead of using woman for sex he just better play with himself cause it
wasn't nice using a woman just for sex!! He sent me an email back and told

I'm so sad cause I did it without thinking I regret it big time. I thought he only used me for sex cause after he was so weird for 2 or 3 days, so distant with me. And when he told me that if I kept acting crazy he wouldn't see me anymore & he'll call me Sunday I felt like he was being an asshole. Like he thought I was whatever .. I regret it now . We had a great incredible connection I felt it and I know he did too.. I felt it .. The way he was kissing me, the tender way he made love to me I felt it.. He even told me when we where at it, "Don't have sex with anybody else, you're mine".. I miss him so much. I think I fell in love with him right there aawwwww but I scared him away. I'm so emotional. I'm used to guys always chasing me & calling me all the time. I've never been treated like he did. Usually I always get what I want & guys always chase me. But he was different. Never been with a Capricorn before. It's been 2 days since that happened but I'm scared to call him. Do you guys think he will call me? Give me another chance since I haven't call him for 2 days ??? Please help my heart is breaking I like him so much . I miss him so much :(

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Sag too
by: Anonymous

Call him! What do you have to lose? Be honest as you were in your post.

P.S. I think the ONLY sign that can make a sag girl feel insecure - is cap. I feel your pain, I am also a Sag girl (used to being persued and not the persuer).

Dont annoy Capricorn,Only Your True Love can sooth him
by: Anonymous

I am married to Capricorn Man...

He is angry with you....coz u got so clingy...

He also had feelings for u..but u scared him...

For Capricorns careere is very imp...u just force him wid u all d time...

On Top of it...u Yelled at him thru emails...
They are very stubborn...

the only way to get him back whcih I believe is...
to Give Him Space of a week or more...
Trust me if the feeling was true he wll not forget you...
After 1 week... Just right one sweet email and pour your heart to him. and describe each word u felt wid him..and say i will keep my Promise..I will have Sex just wid U...They were nt just mere words..U touched my Soul...
Touch his Soul...I am sure he wl respond....right now gve him space...

by: Anonymous

I'm a cap woman. Work comes first, no matter what. He probably won't contact you again. I have the same issued with men. If they're too emotional, I think its crazy & don't want any contact again. Sometimes I like someone a lot but I get busy & don't get a chance to call or I'm waiting into I have at least an hour to talk before calling back.

I am deeply in love with my Cappie.
by: Anonymous

I am a sag woman. I am seeing a Capricorn man. I am deeply in love with him.. I met him on line a few years ago. But only in person some months back. I am still seeing him. But we are not in a relationship yet. I loose it often, write him mails etc. The things I say to him.. It is a wonder he is still talking to me. They are not easy people to get close to. They are hard work. Hard to understand. I know this too well. We are amazing together. I don't have patience.. and loose it often. I need to practice patience with him.. But it is not easy. I need to stop loosing it or I will loose him.

too far
by: SaskyStuff

Capricorn's do not like drama, and you showed it VERY early in the relationship. That's a BIG deal breaker for Caps, and he won't forget that.Even if the sex was good for him, it won't matter. He will just move on, and I suggest you do to.

still waitting 4 my cappy patiently
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am in a same boat as U , I met tis cappy guy 4 one week only in watsapp.I fought wit him coz he was so buzy & not respond me . He said" I am still a kid & stopped text me"now I realised after reading cappy behavior here tat they R most career oriented person.so I want my cappy back so I used to text him eventhou he doesn't reply back.( showing my patience) but somewhere I still feeltat he like.me. but not able to express.Now my Question is till when should I wait for him? He is super stubborn I know he will never text me back.wat should I do to get back tis cappy men.

pushed cappy too far
by: Kennedypac

the best course of action would be to give him a week or so of no contact (he might have been into you but give him time to himself). then the next time you try to contact him send him a *msg first* telling him you realised u made an error etc (but dont be too apologetic) and tell him you will call the next day at YYY time *be precise*. he will make sure to contact you between the msg and the call

i hope this helps (i am a cappy guy)

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