I recently met an Aquarius man

by Sara
(United Kingdom)

I met an Aquarius man about a month ago, we met up for a drink and got on really well, he text me constantly the next day and wanted to see me that next night, he came and picked me up and he took me to dinner, he text occasionally afterward and then 10 days later he came over and took me out for dinner again, he was very affectionate and attentive.

The texts slowed down and i received a phone call 13 days ago, i haven't heard from him since, i have sent a text to say i did like you but i can only assume you are not interested in me anymore and i wished him well. I have not heard anything at all from him?? Has anyone else experienced this or similar? I have no experience of Aquarius men, this was the first one I've dated. Shame though i feel he didn't give it a chance.

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aquarius man come back !!
by: sara

Hi well its been 4 months since my aquarian man and he text me 4 weeks ago and we have seen each other once, he went to Kenya on holiday the day after and he has just text me to say he will be home on Friday. Obviously this relationship could be a slow burner but he is so deep and gives nothing away of his feelings. Would love to hear from you if you have any experience of this or similar and where did it all end up?

They're different, but worth the wait
by: Lee

I met an Aquarius male about 12 months ago and I was smitten this gentleman and wonderful lover. Over this 12 months has taught me to back off and leave him be, sadly it's got to be his way or no way.
I had my say about this form of relationship and then went my own way. You may not hear from him regularly but when you do, you know you've been in his thoughts. I have even moved towns and he has been in contact ever since.

by: Anonymous

yes i recently met aquqrius on my vacation and he did the same thing to me he was all into to me and the last thing he said was i like you alot never heard from him again i try callin textin and nothing i am in wonderland right now

by: Anonymous

Imet a aquraian man.it was to good to be true type thing.... he saw my picture on face book, said he was intreged..he sent me his number i called, we talked every day & text..slowly my text wouldnt be answered and the calls slowed down.W e still talk but maybe 1 time a day compared to 5 at least 1/2 hr long. he wanted to come to my state to visite then to move here, he has to much going on in his brain........now it takes 1-2 days to return a call or text which follows "i missed u baby" ......with no explanation to why my calls were not answered........its like dating a child

What is it with these men??
by: Mizz Beefly

I too have recently met an Aquarian man, our first date was perfect, such a gentleman! On his initiation we organised a second date, he became ill, then again a second date, another excuse! All the time he sends me messages and sometimes chats, I become very irritated with this haphazard behaviour and told him to lose my number, he persisted!!! And still persists. Why cancel on me and still want to stay in touch ? What's going on?......confused and very irritated!,

Aquarius man continued....
by: Sara

Well, weve seen each other a couple of times since i last wrote on here but its now been 2 weeks since hes been in contact (again), I sent him a birthday card last week and i even wrote it in Italian and guess what, Ive heard nothing, not even a text to say thanks??? Ive decided that he has spent far too much time in my brain and for what? Therefore ive decided not to pursue this (what would you call it, its hardly a relationship) thing we have, and im going to forget about him and if he texts again, im going to ignore him as its not worth the pain. Good luck to all of you, im sure not all aqua men are like this.

I love my Aquarius man!!!!
by: lopez

Well how do i start? First off yes these men are wierd but i am too as a virgo. I met mine almost three yrs ago. I never paid him anymind. I was dating his "friend" but we split. I than had a quick affair with him almost two years later...I went away for a year to live out of country. While i was there i had his baby. Well i came back totally afraid what to expect. Well i lucked out. He admitted to wanting me for so long. We very quickly became a couple. His "not caring what others thinks" helps daily. We get a lote of talk from others, his and mine. But w are very intuned with eachother. We are due to marry soon with another baby. Everything i read is very negative about our match, but i stay hopeful. He "gets me" ad i love his view on our future. i do the day to day things and he works the long term part. In many ways our differences make us a better match. And sex....well thats a given...together its like fireworks and we have one to show for as well as another on the way....good luck to all whom meet one..they are wondrful and i would never trade mine in for another.

by: puzzled

i met an A 4 months ago, he asked for my phone number and called and we've been going out no sex but long stimulating conversations, then he stopped calling, i called once all seemed OK, i called again a week later he suggested we met but never called so I called another week later and asked whether he did not want me to call again and he said no why would you say that, but then he never called and when I saw them by chance I was a bit angry and said so and told them they lied to me and me and they said NO! and we agreed to meet and he called me but still was a bit 'I do not know what time and when I could meet you and what do you think' and I said I do not know either, when you know let me know and I could tell he was a bit mad and he never called back, a week ago, does that mean he will never call me again?

Confused Aquaintance
by: Ann

I met an aquarius man 5 months ago. We became aquaintances in college. I just want to be his friend but he confuses me. I always have to talk to him first but when I do, we have great talks. So after school ended I dropped getting into conversation with him at all. I got tired of working for a friendship. I mean, I'm not looking for anything more than that. We did flirt on occasion but I'm not the type of woman to think a man wants me just because we flirt. Flirting is more fun to me than anything. He talks to all his other friends normally and responds to them quickly, yet it's like he wants to keep him and I separate from the the world, like to keep me a secret to himself. I really don't get that, being that we're just aquaintance friends.

This is going to sound odd but occasionally during the semester I felt this like ESP thing going on between us. I knew when he wanted me to talk to him without us saying a word, or even body language. It was almost like he was mentally telling me to talk to him. And now that it's been awhile that I've talked to him, I'm feeling the mental pull. It just randomly popped up. I can't explain it, but is this possible? It's not a "missing" thing and I wasn't even thinking about him. It was just a random (I want to talk to you, talk to me). I didn't hear an audible voice but I feel a mental pull. Can anyone explain this??

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