I secretly hate my Aquarius

by Meek
(Pasadena, TX)

In the beginning we met and wondered where we had been all of each others lives. We talked on the phone constantly and really enjoyed each other and then one day things changed for no reason at all. When we first met, I did my research on Aqua men and knew that he needed his space so I went out of my way to make sure he had it. Things were fine... but after about 6 months it started to bother me that we would only see each other 1 or 2 times per month and we lived about 5 miles a part and spent so much time on the phone. One of us could have went to see the other.

Also, if the smallest, I mean smallest issue ever pops up, he disappears completely for about 3 weeks or until I call him - I think that's drastic. When things are good, they are good, but any little small argument takes place, he disappears. I have to walk on eggshells and hate it. I'm in so much pain inside when I'm waiting for him to call. He's a good man and I KNOW he cares about me, but dealing with him being so distant and his disappearing acts tear me up on the inside... Not sure if I can deal with it much longer. I wish I had someone else to spend time with when he disappears... then it wouldn't bother me at all when he when he does it.

All my friends have arguments with their men that last from 1-3 days and our lasts for 3 weeks for something small (sometimes I never even know why)... but it just hurts so bad. I want to leave him because of this, but other than that, we're inseperable. This really hurts... should this be a deal breaker?

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by: Anonymous

get your self respect and sanity back. i just spend 3 months with an aqua man. i ended it a month ago. your story is exactly the same as mine was. the sex and connection were better than anything i've ever experienced. (especially the sex). but the obsession was killing me. i felt a huge weight lift when i ended it. we scorpio women are just not built for the aloof nature of these men. remember, we're scorpios... we need control.

I secretly hate my aquarius
by: Meek

Thanks for your response. I am very suprised to report that I did leave him... BUT, he came back and proposed and we are getting married. When I left, I cut him off completely and once I did, he changed. He turned back into the man I met. I mean he pushed me beyond my limit. I do know one thing for sure, I wouldn't deal with that crap again. I would get rid of him with a quickness. It's a shame that I had to lose some of the great feeling I had initially and come to feel like this (but it's what works). I mean I love him (he has turned back into the man of my dreams again), but it's just not the same as it was. He's changed me. I still deal with him because he has held to everything he has said he would do (like building a future for us, working on communicating better, he stopped disappearing, and wants to spend all his time with me, etc.) It's a shame that it had to come to me changing my feelings about him for this to happen, but it happened. It was so nice when I could love him without fault.

Me 2
by: Anonymous

I secretly hate my aqua too :(

I can't stand mine. I'm divorcing him asap.
by: Tru

He does all of the above and worse. How can one individual have so much pity on themselves and complain so much? .......Beyond Me. I just don't get it. We have a kid though & he will take cafe of her.

He does not have your back
by: The done one

Most everything I have read here is spot on the Aquarian man I have been seeing for the past 3.5 years. The aloofeness, mean behavior, lies, cheating....really the guy was pretty fascinating to me a year or more ago because we are so different and so the same. But now...not so much. I find him to be self centered, sometimes cruel, chock full of hate and anger he denies and projects onto me, he's a terrible liar and he does it all the time. When I call him on it there's the back pedaling and "I was making a joke". Or he storms off and refuses to speak to me for days. He's made it pretty impossible to continue to be in love with him. These years have been very tumultuous, laced with breakups and reuniting, and strife and emotional abuse that has gone both ways due to some of the absurd and childish behavior I encounter with him. Last night i hit the wall with his bad behavior (not literally hit the wall..there was no actual hitting of anything) and gave him back his keys and took back mine, got the rest of my things out of his place. In my opinion we simply do not get along. I don't know that 2 people could be more opposite than we are. It makes me very sad because one of his good and interesting qualities is he's a dreamer and we have made some great ones come true together. We make great plans but they have always been overshadowed by his tantrums and wild mood swings. What's with the mood swings? I have never known anyone to be so taciturn and go from joyful happiness to smoldering hatred in a single breath. Its fucking EXHAUSTING going up and down with him. He thinks its funny to aggravate me and then gets upset when I tell him he's being an ass. I've tried to tell him that how he has been treating me is unacceptable and makes me feel so bad...then out come the cruel words and nasty behavior. I'm so done with him. I will miss his positive traits emensley, but I can't do it anymore. He says I should deal with my anger issues which i did for more than a year and said he'll get help for his anger issues and then never does because I didn't find him a therapist. Like I'm his secretary. He has delusions of grandure and of his importance in the world. His ego for some reason has him believing I'll just keep coming back for more and today...no...I'm done. I have never known anyone who made so impossible to love them. His ego suggests that he should be loved unconditionally, but what I see is really a damaged 15 year old mean girl. Which is ok if you ARE a 15 year old girl. Not a 51 year old man. Its a real turn off and very unappealing. I used to see a handsome fun man when I looked at him. Now I see a belligerent drunk who thinks acting like a mean teenage girl is an attractive quality. I'm done and this is why I secretly hate my Aquarius. Guess the secrets out

by: Leo Lady

I feel for you. I dated an Aquarius man for 6 months, things were fine in the beginning, we had a magnetic attraction. Thats how polar opposites work. he chased, he called and said the right things. But over time, the more i saw him fall, the more he would pull away. He became verbally mean, aloof and distant. He even questioned how i am able to put up with him as he knows hes a difficult person to be with. i tried my best, gave him his space, did not call alot or text, i let him come to me when he felt like it (as this way only works with aqua's) but as a typical fire sign, i snapped, explain my frustration of his meanness, and boom he vanished. Well im a fixed sign just like he is... and i did not chase him. I still have not and my aqua reappears every few weeks, says a few words, sometimes good , sometimes not, and goes. I think the fact that i have not chased, i am more vague than happy when he does.. he hates it! all he needs to do is apologize to me (which aqua's don't and leo's require) and climb the mountains my generous soul climbed for him. I caved in and spent a weekend with him to maybe rekindle? right.. well.... instead it was a nightmare. he told me how he wishes he never dated me.. i was nothing but a fling... and i wasn't worth even an engagement ring. I had to breathe and remove myself from him in order to calm down. it took a lot for this fiery leo to do that because i knew if i allowed myself to blow up, it wouldn't be a pretty site. i decided to play cool and ignore. my ego hurts, and he shattered my soul.. he never apologized. My question is........ if i was soo not worth it? than why does he continue to contact me every so often? is he angry because i refuse to chase him? i dont get him at all but one thing is for sure, i will never chase him again. he did this to himself. I wish i could be a libra woman and pat him on the back and give him a blankey.. thats not me. I also secretly hate my aqua man......hes an infection that keeps coming back!

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