I still am not sure about this Taurus man.

by maria
(NY )

Hi I met this guy many years ago and fell in love with him. Obsessed love he was a womanizer.....I always believed I would be with him and that he was my soulmate. years later he was engagned to be marreid i was married and pregnat with my 2nd child. We became best friends i helped him thru his break up. A few years later i was seperated he helped me thru that time too. Six months after my seperation we finally became intimate. However he always had problems with commintment and never wanted to date a woman with kids. He cares for me alot and calls me every day. Two years later and him and i are very off and on sometimes taking months not talking to one another but we always find our way back to each other. FInally two months ago we went out and he told me he could not live with out me and he also told me he loves me. However my ex and my kids are of a concern to him then i tell him lets end it and he sais i take it to teh extreme. I think he is jealous when i talk about other men too. Currenty we are both in school and he wants me to wait for him a year until he graduates so we can i guess get serious. He told me its alot to ask of me but he said i have to wait for him. I dont knwo what to do i love him deeply and have detached myself many times and now i am depressed because as much as i love him and i love beign with him i look at him and say he is the man for me. But he also frustrates me and doest give me what i need like when i text him he will ignore me sometiems if we are going thru something. Anyway i a not sure taht he is in love with me or what?

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