I still to this day miss him .. and still to this day want to punch him in the face

by Layla
(Los Angeles)

(If I have any advice to Scorpio women with Leo men:
Let him be dominant but do NOT put up with disrespect, they will test you, and to pass the test you need to show courage and self-worth. Never lose your own ego in the midst of their paramount self-image. Also be mindful that they take disrespect VERY personally!)

I really went to town with this so please enjoy;

I am a 23 year old Scorpio Woman. I recently stopped dating a ,28 year old, last day Leo (almost Virgo). I am really into Astrology and had a really solid 14 month relationship with an almost Cancer- Leo, so I knew going into it that I would need to stroke his immense ego a lot and treat him like a king. I pride myself on not putting up with bullsh*t or disrespect from the men I date. I also pride myself on knowing beyond a reasonable doubt how to seduce a man. However I met my freaking match with this Leo!

He captivated my every curiosity, the sex was amazing, he was so confident, and I found his cockiness and unwavering sense of entitlement perversely fascinating. In the beginning I played semi-uninterested. Then once I realized how much I adored him I flipped the wifey-switch so to speak: I cooked him homemade dinners 1-2 times a week, I would surprise him with help around the house cleaning, I would go out of my way to offer him massages after a long day at work, and absolutely catered to him in bed.

I am used to being swept off my feet by men, adored, and treated like a queen. However with this man the biggest turn on was the challenge, the first man that didn’t fall all over me right away, he rarely complimented me; the plus side being it was the truth when he did, and he would constantly correct me and not even realize it was hurtful (I attribute this to the Virgo lingerance). My biggest regret was giving him too much leeway, I was always told not to correct or criticize a Leo, but by the time the relationship was over I felt almost abused at how much crap I made myself put up with. Our sense of what is respectful was totally not the same.

Thinking back our biggest problem was we were both in the same social circle and constantly Facebook stalking each other, neither one of us was going to be the first on to initiate “the conversation” because both of us were extremely suspicious of one another! The true killer was our drunk and emotionally charged text offs, both of us constantly jumping to jealous conclusions. I had great expectations in the beginning, but he continued to thrive in his blatant flirting with other women, and to me that was very disrespectful. No man gets the best of me so I continued to flirt and court other men, the whole time me and the Leo are exclusively sleeping together and spending most of our free time together mind you.

We danced around commitment in the first few months, and then he claimed “ I just need to get to know you better” and the longer I waited for him to be ready the more compromised and worthless I felt. Thus the more I found myself purposefully pushing his buttons. It ended very volatile with both of us in a verbal war over each other’s “moral character” and bruised ego’s all around … I still till this day miss him .. and still till this day want to punch him in the face.

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by: Anonymous

I dated a leo off and on (more off) for over 20 years! He liked to play the "blame game", such as: if you would have done this, we would be married by now, or "see you are like this.... or you, you, you. I got tried of the "you's" and finally stopped seeing him period, the last time we saw each other was three years ago, when I told him enough is enough, you do your thing and I'll do mine. So about three weeks ago, we start communicating again, and I am trying to be open minded, etc, and he starts with the blaming again! We talked everyday and everyday it got around to "see, you should have done this, or that! I started to get headaches when I hung up the phone, he said he has never stopped loving me after all of these years, and we could be so happy together (I don't think so!) and he wants to get married, but I was thinking if I married this man I would have to give up what makes me me just to appease him...that I will not do! Oh when we were seeing each other, we never went anywhere, never dinner, never movie, nothing! we we both busy, but come on now..that is why I left him so many years ago. I am Scorpio and even though I care for hin deeply, I just want peace in my life and if the other person isn't on the same page or similar, then I cannot waste my life or my time. Oh and another thing, I am not cleaning his place up, he messed it up, he clean it up!

on and off
by: Anonymous

I agree with the on and off, most of the time I was babying him and then I just said no thank you and left him.. but now I really miss him. oh the joy of mixed feelings..

Unfriend on fb
by: Anonymous

I unfriend him on my fb a week after breaking up. On the one hand, I did not want him to stalk me right there. On the other hand, I feel that he should talk properly by text, email or phone if he is still interested on me. Yes, this is a test, for him and for me. So far he did not contact me and I am comfortable enough to move on after breaking up for 2 months.

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