I want my capricorn man back


i had a Capricorn man as a colleague. working together for a couple of weeks, i directly asked him for sex. after a bit hesitation he agreed and we had a date, he only kissed me. he asked me to come to his place, i refused and tried to withdraw... but then he somehow emotionally coerced me, and me not being averse to the idea landed up in his place. we had great sex...this was the best sex i ever had in my life, my Capricorn was awesome!! sex was actually crux of our relation, it went on for 8 months, we even had sex at our workplace regularly. he used to give valuable advice for my career too. but the day i was out of sight, he gradually became aloof and he would seldom send me mails.i knew he was dating a v dumb and not so good looking gal. being a Leo, i became furious, i told the gal everything and she somewhat restricted her romantic feelings but still they r in touch with each other. i want this Capricorn man back!! can anyone help me?

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by: Cap lady

Being a capricorn woman myself, I cant help getting the feeling/impression that something else happened in this "as soon as I was out of sight" period to disconnect you both.

Capricorns need to have trust in their relationships, and game-playing does absolutely nothing but push us away. Even things that other signs might understand like one person they are with trying to cause them some jealousy so they feel validated, does not fly with caps.

I definitely think that it was more than just being slightly out of their sight or reach for a short period of time. There had to be something else added to that to make him withdraw and decide to invest elsewhere.

If that's the case, trying to win him back might not be the easiest goal you can set for yourself, because it would take so much time and effort to gain any ground, and even then, results might not be what you expect or are looking for.
No guarantees of it paying off for you. =/

Good luck.
ps.: make sure that if he is committed to this new person, you are respectful of that and let things flow naturally and deal with your life to keep you occupied. Because you never know if they might break up naturally and in the future you might have a chance at starting a new chapter with this man. But if you are disrespectful of this relationship he's in now, it will only further damage your chances. ;)

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