I want my scorpio woman back.

by Karla

I want my scorpio woman back, how can I get to her heart? what are the signs that she likes me or moved on?

we had a very intense relationship. I am a Taurus woman, 30 years old and i thought my emotions were stable. I have met this girl last december and I felt in love completely. She is 25 had a little daughter and she was my world! I did everything I could, took them to trips to california, poconos, etc. took her to restaurants and made sure I would give her flowers here and there to make her feel she was my world. Took care of her daughter better than her own father did.

I am not as intense as she was, so I had a very hard time to convince her how much I loved her.
I had the best time of my life, I was applying to get my own house and ask her to be with me.
However, she was very moody, also having problems with her daughter's father, so I used to get home and feel her misery. That cause lots of fights, I am a calm person, but she sure knew how to push my buttons.
She was also unhappy because I am independent and have my career and stability, she was always mentioning that she like to take care of her partner, but she couldn't with me. I never cared about it, but I think I pushed her too hard to enroll in school and find a job, but I thought that was what she wanted!

One day she took everything she had out of my place and said she decided to go to school close to where her mother lives, but we were still seeing each other.

One week later, I was at her family's house, she told me to get inside because her ex was coming and she didn't want him to see me. I got upset, but got inside. When she came back we had an argument and we decided to go to sleep and talk in the morning. I was still very upset in the morning, so we didn't made out quickly as we used to, so she took off, left me at her mother's saying she was dropping a letter at the mail box, she took 4 hours to come back, I was calling her and she was ignoring me,then I found out she went to a friend's house to have a beer. so i decided to go home. She called me saying, well I see you soon, I told her, I am half way home, you upset me and I left. Since then she is been ignoring me, refusing to talk to me and not letting me see her daughter at all.

two weeks after we spoke and I asked what she wanted, she said she didn't know, that I have all these bad qualities (and never mentioned anything good I did for her!)and she wanted to be alone and concentrate in school. I asked if I should move on, she was quiet then she said, so you never loved me, how can you ask me if you can move on this quick? I asked if she was seeing somebody, she said, no because she still have feelings for me. I asked for another chance she said how can she give somebody else a chance when I am the 1st one asking.after that she said she was busy and ignored me for 2 weeks.

Just last week we started to talk a little, and I started to have hopes again, so the day before yesterday she text me asking if i was going out, I said, of course not, I work..she said I bet you are and I am too, this person asked me out and I will give her a try. My world came to an end, Its been 1 month I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't concentrate,I am getting sick.I can't move on, because I can't imagine being with anybody else. I cry myself to sleep everyday till my nose bleeds. I miss her so much, I know I am stubborn and jealous, I wish I could do it all over again, because reading astrology compatibility I could understand a lot about her personality. I don't know what to do, I am lost, I wanna talk to her and this situation is killing me. How can I prove to her I love her and I will do everything it takes to make her happy? I am even willing to give up things in life for her.

I am a mess, I've been a mess for over a month and things are not getting any better. Any advice is highly appreciated.

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not good
by: me

For whatever reason she doesn't believe you. If she is making you feel like sh*t then move on. You deserve better than this drama.

Here's another Scorpio woman's opinion...
by: Anonymous

Sweetheart you pushed her further away when you did not fight for your desire for her when she told you she was going to "try out" someone else. It was a test of how far and how much you were willing to claim her/your relationship. Your lack of action/reaction in verbally expressing your vulnerability with that act sent a message you may have not intended to do. I might be completely off bases as I don't fully know you or your Scorpio lady but I do know myself as a Scorpio woman (who also happen to be Family)in a relationship if I am not shown through demonstrated acts of devotion when the time calls for them, I do not fully acknowledge any prior statements or gestures of affection.

She has secrets and self inscribed inadequacies that you will need to protect as much as she has on her own. Best thing if still love her - cherish her friendship for the time being. When she needs you she will seek you out.

You will be stronger in the long run for the things you learned about yourself with this relationship. :)

speak up !
by: Anonymous

I agree with Anonymous - Scorpios detest weak; if you aren't in it 100% she walks ..sounds like your in it 100% but for some reason aren't letting her know it - strange - tell her everything you've told this site and she may finally believe you love her enough to stay with.

In the same boat
by: Lezbo

I understand you 100% im also going through the same situation. I have no idea what to do. For right now we're just friends and she says if her current relationship doesnt work she will give me another chance...i been waiting for two years and this is the third relationship i have to wait on lol.So i pretty much just show her im there for her no matter how jealous or stubborn i am.

Too Much Too Soon
by: Ray

As a Scorpio woman, if you give me too much of yourself too soon, I'm turned off. You did a lot in a short time. You appeared weak and soft. We hate both. We like a little bit of a challenge, but of course, we also like to win. A Scorpio will make you cry, it's what we do. We want to see how bad you want us. My Scorpio man played with me for 3 years until I finally laid my heart on the table. If we really like you, we'll be with you. Patience is important. If you can wait it out without looking desperate, you might get her back. That's a big IF. If she is already over you, you can cure cancer and she won't bat an eyelash. Sorry, that's the best that I can do for you. Good Luck : )

by: Brina

I am currently going through this and everything I read made tears fall from my eyes because I understand. I am a taurus as well and my ex is a scorpio. I literally had no choice but to come up with the conclusion that I have to let go. to accept that she no longer wants me. someone else is in her life and it cuts so deep. its been 3 months but feels like just yesterday. I cant focus I just take one day at a time. I am truly sorry though

Your best bet~
by: Anonymous

Is to turn the tables on her. I'm a Scorpio woman too and we all love a challenge worth winning... Start posting photos of you and a gorgeous woman you know she will get jealous of. Start sending her mistake fake messages of your and this gorgeous woman.. With a text saying "Oh baby you were so fantastic last nite" with a emotional kiss 😘 .. Ext.... This should get her attention but just make sure this other woman looks better then your girl, if not better make sure she looks more intelligent 😉

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