I want the Leo back!

I'm a capricorn/aquarius cusp and I recently moved countries to study. When I initially got here I didn't really fancy the Leo guy at all, I would sometimes catch him staring at me (not in a weird pervy way) but it was like he wanted to get to know me. We have mutual friends and whenever we went out he would get drunk and then only talk to me about how he loved hearing my voice and my accent - and literally that's all he would ever talk to me about. One night when we were out at a club and he was drunk he stuck to me like glue and told me not to go home and to dance with him all night - he kept hugging me and holding my waist and was keeping me really close to him. I wasn't sure that he liked me or if he was just drunk so I avoided it and sorta laughed it off trying not make things awkward, I left early that night and he took my bracelet telling me he would return it the next day. The next day he was sober and gave me back the bracelet and told me he remembered taking it from me and promising to give it back however he avoided talking about how he was acting. A few days later our mutual friend brought him up in a conversation randomly and said "he likes the way you talk," I just ignored it again and changed the subject since I wasn't comfortable talking to this person about it. Me and the Leo guy have gone out with the rest of our friends a lot and he personally invited me to his place for a party which I attended and everytime he would strike a conversation with me somehow or the other I would get pulled away by someone else and I sort of felt like I was rejecting him although I wasn't and by now I actually really started liking him. Anyways during one of these times I was going to go back to apologize leaving the conversation when I saw him making out with some other girl so I left it. A few weeks later I found him distancing himself from me so I didn't bother talking to him either and just left it because I could tell he felt it was going to be awkward - just as a side note none of us told each other how we really felt. Now this Leo is actually dating the girl he was making out with in the club and he keeps ignoring me. I try to make conversation but it just doesn't feel like it used to and I think he has become disinterested but I really like him and have no idea what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can win him back?

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