Ideas for a fish?

Ok, so I met this Scorpio lady a couple of weeks ago and I just felt swept of my feet in a sense. I think she is a beautiful lady and would like to be with her. But I really don't know her and she has a bf. What should I do?

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Keep the faith
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
I'm a Scorpio woman who gave up my ex to be with a Pisces man now. I was blown away by his sincere eyes and his gentle care on me, and everything bout him. Just keep your faith as she will surely understand that from your eyes on her. It sounds a bit unreal but it's true from my experience! Goodluck!

Go for it
by: Anonymous

Unless her boyfriend is a Pisces too you should definitely try to talk to her.

Pisces and Scorpio aren't known as "soulmate signs" for nothing.

I've been waiting years to meet a Pisces man, yet it hasn't happened. You could be hers? Just go for it.

by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces male but I can't tolerate scorpios and have always wondered why they are considered soulmate signs? Other then that don't doubt yourself, your a Pisces

Numpty above me
by: Anonymous

Well it is a good job not all pisces are like you yi jerk and i bet no one on this earth could tolerate you - suck eggs you moik

by: Anonymous

Not that we hate shy. If you like her, you might need to tell her eventually that you like her. It'll help her take you seriously. Otherwise your relationship will always be innocent without deeper and further along... but c'mon GET even DEEPER ;D

I love my pisces. Our family is my everything. Good luck to you!

O if I were you, get her flowers- tell her she deserves them.

don't be shy
by: jasmine

Scorpio women (I am one) love the courageous, strong men ( just like how she is herself ) and if u show weakness it's a true turn off!!
be yourself, show her honesty, lots of love and attention, make her feel like a queen and she'll be yours in no time ;)

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