If a Taurus man waits before making a move

I met a Taurus man a few years back, and he was very mysterious to me, and maybe that's what attracted me to him as well as his artistic side. Two years into knowing him and anticipating him to make the first move, he eventually leaned and kissed me, sooo romantic.

But then... I was patient and patient hoping for the best, and a few months into the relationship he mentions his previous relationship which he was still involved, not physically. But tell me, if a Taurus waits before making a move doesn't that mean he really likes that person? Or did I just get myself involved with a scam artist?

I really don't know what to make of this situation. The messages are mixed, and nothing straight forward, and I honestly want to tell him off for misleading me. Help!

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Taurus men tend to be less intuitive
by: David

It sounds like he's unsure of how you feel. Taurus men tend to be less intuitive than the men of most other signs. Even if you think it's blatantly obvious that you're interested, unless you've told him then don't assume he knows that.

If you haven't spelled it out to him it might be worth doing so. Pisces generally like to be pursued rather than being the pursuer, and it's not uncommon for their partner to initially think they aren't interested. From the details you've given I don't think there's anything to suggest he's not being straight forward with you. Unless there's more to it and you know for sure he's aware of your feelings towards him.

by: Anonymous

I`ve REALLY liked a taurus male for about 4/5 years now, thing is he sends mixed signlas. Like, for example, he stares at me but then has a go at me for looking at him, like only he can look. Also, when i talk to other guys, he stares and gets angry, what`s that about ???.
I seriously don`t know what to make of the situation, on one hand he looks at me in a kind of meaningful way, yet on the other hand he gets angry and kind of jealous very quickly, even if I so much as look at another guy.
What does this mean ???

I'm in the same boat as you :(
by: Anonymous

Have the same EXACT situation for years and would love to hear the answer...he loves to stare..like he's drinking me in, very jealous but extremely shy around ME ONLY has no problem talking with anyone else in the building..just looks at me and seems completely aware of where i am and where i'm going..very different behavior, especially for a 39 year old man i must say.


The Real Deal about Taurus
by: Brama Bull

I am a taurus male and I think I can shed some light on the situation. I know that it is kind of confusing when he stares at you so deeply and gets a little jealous around the other fella. Good news for you that is a good sign. When a taurus male stares at you like that he is letting you know with his eyes that he either likes you or is in love with you. Taurus men dont usally rush into getting with someone but i can assure you that if he is staring at with the gaga eyes he is feeling you extremely and is either thinkning about courting you or is already in the process. As far as the anger and jealousy goes look at it like this in the wild when a male is courting a lady he wants to be the only one who has your attention and if another male comes into the picture he is ready to fight for his lady. Think about the taurus male like that. No Taurus male likes the competition of another male while he is courting a lady. So with that said i leave you with this if he didnt like you then you wouldnt get any emotional response from him.

question for brama bull
by: libra/scorpio girl

I have had an on and off thing with a taurus man for a year. He goes missing for spans of time, and usually comes back and acts like nothing ever happened. He doesn't understand this hurts me.

I have fallen totally in love with him, I fall fast, and I have high intuition and knew from the beginning that he was who i've been looking for forever.

After this last period of him being MIA, he came back first with a long letter, second came to talk to me and told me he had felt pushed away at something I did. But he came back. I thought he had bailed, even though I had NO idea he thought it was my fault.
When he came over, he kissed me. and aplogized. what should I make of that? he gives little signals like he likes me...but after a year, wouldn't we be either in a relationship or have had a talk where we know either way?

Any advice on how to reel in a Taurus that's wishy washy? I know he's attracted to me, but he's also afraid of me. I feel like I react when he ignores me. But I'm blissful when in a relationship. He has no idea what i'll be like in a relationship....and hasn't given us a chance.

We have so much in common, I think we'd be amazing.

he has only been in one relationship and it only lasted 2 years. and get this...it was with a girl all wrong for him, he even said so....but he rushed to call her girlfriend!

What's that all about!! I want us to have more sex...he's only gone there once with me.
I truly think he's afraid of something that could be crazy amazing. Help?

Would me getting lost help?

Taurus eyes
by: Anonymous

I know a taurus guy, I know he has a girlfriend and I am sure they are in love with each other, but what I cannot understand is his way of staring. 2 years ago, out of blue, he started to stare at me and because I was irritated by that I keep staring back , so this process is on for 2 years and we just stare at each other whenever no one is noticing us it is like a competition that who is going to give up first. So what I want to know is that what is with all that weird, creepy staring? his eyes are so scary.

i love taurus men
by: Anonymous

Omg I feel the same way as "taurus eyes" and when. We make out he holds on to me really strong and grabs me EVERYWHERE and has this look on this face like he's in love but other times he's very distent (like when we first met up) why is that

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