I'm a Scorpio Women who LOVES my Aquarius Man!!

by Mrs. Matthews

I read a lot of the comments on this site about this match.. but I must say it really depends on the man and women involved. Me being a Scorpio can be really Jealous, Controlling all that but with this man I am not like that.. I actually feel so comfortable that all of my "BAD TRAITS" are not "active" right now it seems. My Aquarius is not the "Slow to commit" and "Distant" as some explain. Actually we only dated 6 months before we got married! He was telling me he wanted to marry me after the second date.. We did know each other for a while before we took it to that level.. And it was SO worth it! He is everything that I could ever ask for. He understands me and is VERY in tune and involved on how I'm feeling and how I'm doing.. and I the same to him. Its almost like we are just one person.. I know its crazy to say that but that's how it seems. We finish each others thoughts and think the same way about everything its almost scary! I have actually found someone that I can share my deepest thoughts and feelings with that I never thought I would tell or admit to anyone!! And I NEVER thought it would be with an Aquarius! And if you want to talk sex.. PLEASE! Mind blowing and passionate! He makes me feel like I am a QUEEN! Willing to try new things.. I don't think it will ever get old.

So if your questioning if you should look an Aquarius mans way.. DO IT! but use good judgment.. NEVER settle and if he seems like he is pulling away and maybe just not into you.. HE IS NOT INTO YOU!! RUN and find that man who is! Don't waste your time on "hoping" he will change!! Relationships should be easy.. and this Scorpio/Aquarius match really is!

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what if?
by: Carmen ScorpionQueen

what if me as a scorpion pushed him away?!
will he still want me?!
after a year and a half i neglected him bcuz of the work but i didnt mean it at all so do u have an advice?! i adore him
i totally agree that both signs match but i want him bk :(

Scorpio Women with a crush on an Aquarius Man
by: Anonymous

When I first saw this guy, I was losing my mind. He's so clever and good looking. Im a Scorpio female, and Im strong independent, easy on the eyes and intelligent. We've had a few meet ups together and have a wonderful time. I really like him but he's so dang, social. He pops in and out all the time. And He drops hits that he likes me but, if I bring it up he just keeps me guessing. I like him but, im tried of the chase ladies. Any advice. Ps. I have a cancer male friend who is doing everything right!!! But, you know the heart wants what he doesn't need lol? HELP!

I'm currently so attracted to aquaman
by: Scorpgirl10

I so love your blog :) thank you for posting this..:) can you tell me more about aquaman pls? :) I met an aquaman I don't understand why I'm sooo into him.. No such words to explain why.. I'm such a picky young lady when it comes to guys. There is something in him that I cant tell what is it that made me sooo into him. He used to making me uncomfortable regarding naughty things which I really hate to a guy 'sexting' he used to ask me to send him naked pics which I never did. He wanted to send me naked pics of him which was he did even not asking me a permission. I was soo shocked when I saw the preview. He told me he loves making me nervous bc for him it was so cute.. I told him I like him so much and im so attracted to him but that kind if stuff making me so uncomfortable so he stopped doing it and he apologized. We're still communicating. He always text me first. In my mind and in my heart I want to love him, I want to take care if him. I want to cook for him, do his laundry, iron his clothes clean his house, wash his dishes etc..

Scorpion girl n scorpion man
by: Anonymous ((aquarious))

it's so good to hear thT ths relationship worked ...at the end it's person who has to give it a way ..right or wrong depends !!

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