I'm a Taurus man and proud to be one


I'm the true definition of a Taurus man. I love simplicity, I dislike things that are complicated, comfort is my middle name, I'm a very deep thinker, and I'm patient as time itself. I love to plan things ahead of time, I don't like spontaneous stuff.

Like most Taurus are very good singers I was also blessed with a beautiful deep singing voice as well. I'm a very practical person, and I love routine. I'm very loving, caring, and I don't mind at all sharing with someone just as long as I know they would do the same for me.

I'm very affectionate, and I'm calm as the ocean coming to shore, I'm very attentive, and generous to those I love. I love to be treated fairly because I like to treat people fair because I understand feelings. I love having money with a passion as Taurus is the one of the money signs in the zodiac. By the way for those of you who wants to know how I am just type my name in on google "King Loverr", and you will see how popular I am.

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