I'm dating a scorpio man

by Yanina
(Cleveland, OH. U.S.A)

i am a virgo in love with a scorpio man. my favorite is when he gets pasionate about something like atopic that when i love to look into my scorpios eyes i can see the passion and exitement flow like lava coming out of a vaucano. it always makes me smile cause looking at his posture you wouldn't notice it. he'll seem so calm and callected. i feel like i'm on cloud nine when i'm with him too. i just can't stop smilling. and he admited to me last month that thats what attracted him to me from the beginning. see we've dated several months but we've non each other for almost nine years. but it was so strange during that time cause anny time we touched hands i would feel a current run threw his skin into mine and since we've been together it's gotten even stronger. and he would notice it too. the first time it happened we both pulled our hands apart. though it din't feel like being shocked. more like electricity traveling from one person to another. and when he's doing his alone thing i like it too. it gives me a chance of peace and tranquility. but when he wants my attention hill ask me what i'm doing and then will luer me away with the kisses and wraping me in his imbrace. but over all being with him has been like a fairy tale come true. i like to incurage his curiocity his gifts i will hide some were in the house or in the car and lay out clues for him to find it. and i can onestly say that braintesers are excellent gifts. i no this because i have four scorpios in my family. not counting him but boy are they all diffrent. but there sences are supper sharp it's like watching serlock homes at work it's so cool.

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Virgo & Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo and I was in love with a Scorpio ! Crazy because the first time we kissed we looked at each other and said "it didn't feel real" and ever since our relationship we grew very close and in love with everything and I be came over protective and jealous.. I hurt him bad and he hated me for 3 years but I told him what we had was amazing unfelt different with him and just recently I'm in another relationship .. And he tells me "I love you, I always have loved you and to be honest there's not a a day that goes by when I don't think about you " .. I know I will always love him .. But yeah it's over

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